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Your On Site Solution to Standing Inventory

Standing inventory is a problem for community developers. Until now, there really hasn’t been a solution from the real estate industry that brings lots of foot traffic to your models quickly and efficiently. It’s no secret that the old-fashioned techniques of selling houses through a long term contract listing, where a single agent trudges his way through some sort of marketing plan, does little good for the “chop chop” weekly sales pace you need to move inventory.

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We’d like to introduce ourselves, Open Door Auctions, as a perfect solution. Finally! An innovative real estate company designed around the particular needs of the construction industry. Our weekly auction schedule is the best way to bring massive targeted traffic to your models all at once, collecting bids along the way that you can feel free to accept or reject.

What we offer to developers is a one-stop solution. We bring everything out to the site on the day of the auction, including professional, attention-getting signage, and an equally professional crew trained to elicit the highest bids possible from each buyer before he leaves. And don’t make the mistake of thinking we rely on random drive-by traffic. The moment you hire Open Door Auctions and our unique two weeks sales process, we swing into action advertising and marketing the property, including making use of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in a very unusual way that allows us to vault the listing back to the top of the web page every few days, drawing the most amount of interest possible, at various price points, on the day of the auction.

A few weeks ago, we sold two properties over a weekend, one drawing 32 bids and the other 27. Traffic for the auctions was impressive, with more than 400 people showing up between both properties. If you are an Orange County or Irvine developer, or anywhere else in California, for that matter, consider the possibility that we could be the solution to selling models quickly and at prices you love. No more dawdling your way through old-fashioned negotiations, or waiting for your real estate agent to do something – anything.

It’s very simple. We sell houses fast and at market determined prices. And we’d love to help you move your standing inventory and get on to building the next neighborhood!

The Open Door Auctions Team






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