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Why Speed Counts When Selling Your House

Have you ever noticed how so many things in life are undertaken with sheer driving intensity and desire to get it done quickly – but then something happens. Life gets in the way. Motivation wanes. Intensity fades. Pretty soon it’s two years down the road and your house still sits on the market with the interested stream of buyers having faded to an anemic trickle. Though human nature might account for this scenario, it makes us wonder why the old fashioned real estate industry has bought into the notion that it must always be this way?

Doesn’t your agent want his commission? Why is he willing to sit in the office waiting for the phone to ring? For today’s traditional real estate professional, it’s a numbers game. He signs as many suckers as he can to long term listing agreements, figuring a few each year will pan out on their own with no real effort from him. His effort goes towards signing more sellers to contracts than actually selling the houses already under his control.

This is why we call the real estate industry dysfunctional. It embraces ineffectiveness when the opposite would work better for everyone. When it comes to selling your house, speed counts. Consider this: at any moment in time, there are dozens, maybe hundreds, of buyers with a letter from the bank, ready to pounce on a house. Within 24 hours of a new house being listed, they’re on it like dogs on raw meat. But time goes by and interest fades. As we said, life gets in the way and your real estate agent puts selling your house on the back burner, passed over in favor of the newer ones just coming on the market.

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The reality is that the action on your house should happen fast. You have to hit the whole market with everything you’ve got in the way of attracting attention to sell it. Do you want to be looking at that sign in the front yard in two years? If not, why not give Open Door Auctions a shot at selling your house in two short weeks? That’s fourteen days. You set the price. You browse the offers. You decide to sell or not. You owe us nothing after two weeks are up.

But most importantly, you could be free from the energy draining process of having a house on the market, and ready to move on to bigger and better things in your life. Please call one of our professional Auction Counselors today at 714-820-4200 to learn how to move your house quickly.

The Open Door Auctions Team

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