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Welcome to Open Door Auctions!

Welcome to Open Door Auctions where our innovative system brings the whole market to your door in just two weeks.

Our innovative methodology differs from traditional real estate companies and benefits you in several ways:

Very short listing agreements – usually just two weeks!  The real estate industry has is dysfunctional.  Both the clients and the agents are getting a bad deal.  Why should you sign a listing agreement for six to twelve months while trying to find a good buyer and a good price?  The client is uncertain whether any offers will come that meet their target price and they have no assurance that the agent will do what they have promised.  Agents, on the other hand, are worried about spending a lot of time on a listing that may never sell; so many agents don’t invest very much time, energy or money into the process.  This isn’t working and it’s time for change.  With The Open Door System™, properties sell quickly (typically in just two weeks) and the client is in control.  Our agents prefer this arrangement, because it allows them to avoid spending time on long, stale listings and earn more income. It’s a true win/win!

Instead of listing your property with an old-fashioned agent who puts it in the multiple listing service right next to every other property for six to twelve months, we will facilitate an auction so that you know the highest offer for your home within two weeks.  This is in the interest of both you and the agent – everybody wins. As our founder, Jason Hartman, has said for decades, the multiple listing service (MLS) is the “stock exchange for real estate” but it is rather inefficient in creating true price discovery quickly. It creates price discovery slowly through a series of one disappointment after another – it’s no fun.  The innovative Open Door Auctions System has overcome the flaws inherent in the MLS and the industry as a whole.  Our system solicits multiple bids to create a fast discovery of market price for your property while avoiding hassles and allowing our agents to facilitate more sales than a traditional Realtor. The Open Door method removes the hassles, pressure, and uncertainty of the long, one-sided, restrictive listing contract. We use the existing real estate information technology to bring buyers to your property in a short period of time to submit offers.  Within just two short weeks, you will have multiple offers to consider.  This gives you the power to accept the best offer or wait until later, but the best part is that you can discover this powerful information quickly.

You are in control.  You get to keep your options open, give us a try and if it doesn’t work, go ahead and list with a traditional Realtor in two weeks.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Our agents want to help you find the best price for your property quickly.  This is a true win/win, as it is in the best interest for both the client and the agent since both of you benefit from a fast transaction at the best possible market price.  If the best offer does not meet your target price, then you can both move on to the next stage of your life while avoiding six to twelve months of wasted time and uncertainty. Schedule a meeting with one of our experienced professionals to take the first step toward the next page of your life.  Avoid the hassles, indignity, and uncertainty of the out-dated real estate listing process to join the new generation of Open Door Marketing Innovation™.

About Us:

Created by real estate innovator Jason Hartman, Open Door Auctions operates using a fundamentally different business model than every other traditional real estate agency in the marketplace.  Our unique methodology puts you in the power position by facilitating a multiple-offer frenzy for your property by soliciting numerous offers in just two weeks.  This helps us to discover the highest and best market value of your property in a short period of time.  Unlike the others, we do not require you to sign a long-term, one-sided, exclusive listing agreement; our system is open and fast. By listing your property with us for just two short weeks, it provides sufficient time for interested buyers to submit an offer but does not tie you up for many months waiting for showings and trafficking strangers through your property in one open house after another.  Instead of attracting window shoppers, tire-kickers, time-wasters and lookie-loos, why not bring serious buyers to your doorstep quickly? When you set up a consultation with an Open Door professional, we will assess the target price of your property and establish a listing range for your needs and the best pricing strategy to create optimal results.  When the two-week period begins, we will list your home at the full asking price you desire.  As the days go by, the price of your property will be progressively lowered in the MLS to attract bids from potential buyers.  At the end of the period, we will collect all of the offers and present them to you so that you can make an informed and intelligent decision from a position of power.  As the seller, you have the right to accept or reject any bid that is placed for your property.  If none of the bids meet your target price, you are protected by this right to simply reject them with no obligation to sell. In order to serve our clients with the best solutions to fit their needs, we provide three innovative varieties of auction services.  Each serves a unique purpose and will help to provide the optimal solution for your unique situation and individual needs.

Open Door Auction™ – Largest Number of Offers
The Open Door Auction is where your property is listed with an invitation for buyers to submit an offer.  As the listing period goes on, the price listed in the MLS will systematically drop to attract offers from new bidders.  The way that most of our auctions unfold is with bids being collected over a two-week period of time, with the seller making the final decision whether to sell based on all of the offers that are received.  If none of the offers are acceptable to the seller, then they have the right to continue holding the property.  The principal advantage of an Open Door Auction is that it efficiently achieves “price discovery” for the market value of a property by drawing out multiple offers in a short period of time.  We offer an add-on to this method called the “Round Robin Auction” – ask us for details on this optional service.
Closed Door Auction™ – Stresses Qualified Offers
Suited well for high-end properties, a Closed Door Auction is conducted with a population of prospective buyers who have been pre-screened based on their qualifications.  This is most suitable for properties that will only appeal to a selected population of buyers.  The advantage of a Closed Door Auction is that it targets the very buyers who are most likely to bid on your property and avoids opening your property up to a large mass of window shoppers who are not likely to submit an offer.  This is also referred to as a Qualified Auction™.
Real-Time Auction™
A Real-Time Auction is a situation where potential buyers all gather in one place and online at the same time to bid real-time on the property.  When conducting a Real-Time Auction, it is typical to have an auctioneer on-site who will accept bids from potential buyers.  The principal advantage of a Real-Time Auction is that the bids are assembled very quickly and the auctioneer can create additional excitement and scarcity to get you the best price.
During this short process, your interests are protected.  By creating an environment that attracts multiple offers, it will give you a wide latitude of choice to obtain the best price for your property.  If the offers meet or exceed your target price, you have the option to accept the best offer and move on to the next phase of your life.  If the submitted bids are not sufficient to meet your target price, you will have the option to refuse the offers and will also have the benefit of knowing the true market value for your property – this may well be the world’s best appraisal!

In the end, The Open Door business model provides the best information about the value of your property, the most offers from interested buyers, and accomplishes all of this in just two short weeks.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Schedule a consultation with us today to learn how we can help you to take the next step of your life in the easiest, most profitable way possible.


Q: What happens if nobody submits an acceptable offer for my property?

A: In order to have a completed contract, there needs to be both offer and acceptance.  If the submitted offers do not meet your expectations, you have the option to decline.  You’ll know either way in just two short weeks after that time you are free to list with another broker, sell “by owner” or keep the property.  Nobody offers you that low-obligation, high-control and freedom like Open Door Auctions.

Q: How many offers can I expect?

A: Usually 20-40… in just two weeks, instead of zero to just a few in six to twelve months.

Q: What about the hassle of intrusive phone calls, showings, open houses and a lockbox?

A: Not with The Open Door system it’s virtually no hassle.  No lockbox, no showings at all – just a one-day open house and you’re done.  It is literally that easy.  No invasion of your privacy, no constant phone calls from agents at odd hours, no cleaning up the house over and over again for flakey “no-show” agents or buyers, no bother, no hassle, no wasted time – just freedom in two short weeks!

Q: How do you get so many people to submit offers?

A: That’s part of our trademark methodology, schedule a consultation and we’ll answer all your questions.

Q: How much is this going to cost?

A: Nothing… unless we succeed in finding a buyer who is willing to pay your price or higher.  Similar to most real estate contracts, our fee will be a percentage of the final sales price.  You are empowered in three major ways not offered by traditional brokers:

You have several offers from which to choose
You decide based on the NET to you
You’re not tied up for a long listing so you can act in your best interest without worrying about repercussions.

Q: Is this just a gimmick to get a longer listing?

A: No, absolutely not.  We do one thing and we do it well.  We don’t take regular long listings and we don’t want to waste time with a six to twelve month listing.  If we don’t succeed in two weeks, we’ll part as friends and wish you well with another broker, selling “by owner” or keeping the property.  You win by finding the market value of your property quickly and our agents win because they avoid wasting time and money with six to twelve listings that don’t sell.

Q: Can you help if I need a short-sale?

A: Yes… and much better than a traditional Realtor because our innovative price discovery system brings convincing uncontested proof of value to your lender making it much easier to get your short sale approved quickly.  Most banks reject short sale proposals because of a belief that another buyer would be willing to offer a higher price.  When you come to the bank with 20+ offers, it provides convincing evidence that your highest bid represents the highest and best market price for the property.  This is another huge advantage of the innovative Open Door System™.

Q: How good are your agents?

A: Very good.  We refuse to work with agents who are just feeling their way through a potential career change or passing time, our system does the sorting and bad agents won’t survive in the ODA business model.  Our system is designed for agents who do things well and get them done fast.  We won’t waste time while they get the listings activated, solicit bids, present the highest bids, and close the transaction.  The seller has the benefit of knowing the highest offer for their property within two weeks and the agent has the benefit of a shorter listing cycle that does not waste time.  Both parties win.

Q: I’m a Realtor . . . why would I want to join The Open Door Team?

A: Our system shortens the cycle time for listings so that you can achieve more income in less time and work with happy clients.  Traditional real estate involves a long, tedious, co-dependent “wearing down” relationship between client and Realtor – dysfunctional to say the least.  Some clients have unrealistic expectations while others may occupy a lot of your time with protracted negotiations, last-minute changes, adjustments, or other things that do not move you closer to closing a sale.  You earn the most money by closing sales quickly and efficiently.  Our system is designed specifically for that purpose, which makes for satisfied clients and a happy career. Buyers, sellers and agents get their needs met quickly… faster than any other system in the industry. This revolutionary system makes everybody happier; it Opens The Door to a better life for all.

Q: I’m a buyer . . . what is the advantage of your system for me?

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A: As a buyer, you can avoid the hassle of back-and-forth offers, counter-offers and the associated fooling around.  By submitting a bid at the auction or online at , it gives you an opportunity to potentially capture a fantastic deal without waiting for months and months while the asking price of a property slowly creeps down.  If your bid is accepted, you become the new owner upon close of escrow.  If it is rejected, you move on to the next opportunity without the disappointment and wasted time that accompanies traditional real estate negotiations.

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