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We Hate Phone Calls At all Hours And So Should You

Read no further if your favorite part of selling your house is the probability that you will be receiving phone calls from your real estate agent and random strangers during dinnertime. While you’re brushing your teeth, in the middle of your favorite television show, and as you lay yourself down to sleep. Even better, these phone calls might be telling you that your agent is five minutes away with a a couple who can’t wait to invade your privacy.

Privacy? The very concept is something of a joke when it comes to the unfortunate position of signing a long term contract with a real estate agent. Sorry, Bubba, that’s how the industry works. So you sigh, sign it, and get ready for the onslaught. Except it probably won’t really be an onslaught but rather a trickle of infrequent calls that occur at the absolute worst possible time.

We’d like to suggest that you sell you house without worrying about inconvenient telephone calls from your agent. How is that possible? The Open Door Auctions process, created by Jason Hartman, makes it not only possible but guaranteed. Our sales process is night and day different from what passes as normal in the traditional real estate industry. But can we actually sell your house without resorting to phone calls? Absolutely! We’ll get the full market price, which you should note might be different than the best-possible-scenario price that you day dream about, and certainly won’t happen with your real estate agent either.

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The interesting little tidbit is that you can spend the next six months to a year watching the fitful starts and stops as the tediously slow wheels of the old-fashioned way of selling creak through the stages, only to arrive at the same place Open Door Auctions will catapult you to in two short weeks. Let’s see, get the same price (or better) in less time with no hassle. If you’re wondering where to sign up, click anywhere you see a “Sellers” button on this website or call one of our professional agents at 714-820-4250.

At Open Door Auctions, we hate phone calls at all hours as much as anyone. That’s why we eliminated them.

The Open Door Auctions Team

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