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Time is Money With Our Home Auctions

Open Door Auctions didn’t get into the home auctioning business just because we thought it was cool to be different. While it’s true we are as different as night and day from the old-fashioned way of doing real estate, the difference is a natural outgrowth of founder, Jason Hartman, and his intense belief (gained through personal experience) that somewhere along the way the real estate industry got it wrong and has been doing a serious disservice to ALL participants (agents included) for a long time.

One of the areas where your traditional agent got it REALLY wrong is the sheer length of time it often takes to shepherd a house from first listing through to final sale. Granted, an agent cannot manufacture a buyer out of thin air but his standard complaint about it being a “down market” won’t always hold up under closer examination.

Consider this. The present housing market in southern California, including our current specialty areas of Orange County and Irvine, would be considered in the opinions of most reasonable experts to be dreadful. On the surface of matters, we would be forced to agree. Prices are down and so is buyer’s interest – except – people keep showing up at our weekend property auctions and buying houses at quite satisfactory prices

It just goes to show that things are not always what they seem and the reality on the ground does not always match those sterile numbers released by the government on a regular basis. What’s the point of this? To remind you that your real estate agent agent is costing you money with his claim that there are no legitimate buyers out there for your house. Maybe he can’t find any legitimate buyers as the months crawl past but we are finding legitimate buyers for properties of all kinds, and we’re doing it in two weeks.

An important point to keep in mind is that every month your property sits on the market waiting for a buyer costs you. What does it feel like to have your house for sale? Not roses and candy canes, that’s for sure. Selling a house is like pushing the “pause” button on your life. You’re sitting and waiting and waiting and sitting and then waiting some more. It’s difficult to move on to new jobs, homes, or take advantage of other great opportunities until you can officially close the book on the house you’re selling.

That’s why we say give us two weeks and we’ll give you your life back.

The Open Door Auctions Team






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