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Think Twice Before Dealing with Real Estate Agents!

As if you needed another reason to ditch the traditional real estate agent’s love of holding multiple open houses to sell your property (allegedly), evidence continues to mount of these “professionals” tendency to snoop and even engage in criminal activity whilst performing (once again, allegedly) the duties of the listing contract. In Maple Grove, Minnesota, a couple is suing a real estate agent for (and yet again, allegedly) bringing a man into their house under the pretense of showing it and engaging in homosexual activities.

And this isn’t the only story. Google the term “realtor privacy invasion” for some interesting reading that will likely make you think twice before giving the keys and unfettered access to your house to a real estate agent. Yes, such behavior is a huge no-no when it comes to professional ethical and moral standards but that’s not enough to stop some people.

On the other side of the coin are incidents related to violence perpetrated on real estate agents at open houses, which makes us even more certain that the Open Door Auctions business model not only makes great financial sense but might save your agent a beating as well. The cold truth is that open houses and private showings never made much sense and are rife with the potential for catastrophe.

Over the two week sales process, we hold one open house and it occurs at the auction itself where there are plenty of people around to discourage stupid or violent behavior. Just another in the long line of reasons that our innovative approach to real estate continues to take hold in the public consciousness. Ultimately, the question boils down to why on earth you would sign a year long listing agreement, suffer the indignities and annoyance of the old-fashioned property sales process when you don’t have to? Spend the next year of your life selling your house or the next two weeks.

Above all, take a moment to consider how inherently flawed the old system of real estate is, then explore our website to learn about all the benefits of choosing Open Door Auctions as your real estate service company.

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The Open Door Auctions Team

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