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The No BS Way to Sell Your House

Not to be too crass with our phrasing but the old-fashioned real estate industry serves up plenty of BS when it comes to selling your house. You know all about BS, right? That’s ‘bad stuff’ when it comes to serving the seller. In contrast, Open Door Auctions has systematically and permanently removed all the bad stuff from the sales process. Let’s look at some of the specific bad stuff your real estate agent will engage in.

1. Not Your Price: The first time you’ll likely butt heads will be over the listing price. You want one thing. He demands another. Wait a minute. Exactly who owns the house anyway? Shouldn’t this be your decision? We let YOU set whatever price you want for YOUR house. The market will be the final determiner of the sale price anyway.

2. Locked Up: For many sellers, that long-term listing agreement they signed turns out to be a huge albatross around their neck. Think long and hard before opting to go that route. Essentially what you’re doing is signing away, for a time period from six months to one year, any control over the marketing and sale of your house. The problem is you barely know the agent you signed with and have no inkling how hard they’ll really work to for you. Our entire sales method takes two weeks. Yes, we said two weeks.

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3. Invasion: On one hand, constant house showings show that you agent is at least doing something to get the word out. On the other hand, strangers traipsing through your house for weeks or months at a time can get old quite fast. This is the type of BS that the traditional real estate industry expects you to accept with a smile. “That’s simply the way it’s done,” they say. “You want to sell your house, don’t you?” Well, of course you want to sell the house. Do they think they’re dealing with an imbecile? Here’s a startling bit of news. Open Door Auctions holds ONE open house. Just one, and that’s on the day we sell it. Sound better?

The point is, everybody knows the old fogey real estate industry will bury you up to your eyeballs in bad stuff. Are you going to willingly help them? Or maybe you’re ready to try an innovative approach that makes property transaction, simple, fast and easy. Give Open Door Auctions two weeks; we’ll take away all the BS and give you your life back.

The Open Door Auctions Team