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Real Estate’s Answer to Groupon
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If you’re not familiar with Groupon yet, you will be. This newest of internet sensations is a company which distributes a single great coupon per day (via email) targeted to your home city. Why customers like it is obvious – they get a great deal, sometimes as much as 50 percent off a legitimate business product or service. From the business offering the coupon’s perspective, they know they’re probably going to get a truckload of fresh traffic and a chance to increase their market share. The bottom line is that Groupon reaches a whole bunch of people in a short period of time.

It was just the other day, as the blog team was doing our morning calisthenics, that founder, Jason Hartman, almost sprained a thumb muscle with excitement when he realized that Open Door Auctions IS the Groupon for the real estate. No, seriously. Think about it like this. Groupon...

Seller, Be Suspicious of Long Contracts
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Frankly, we’ve always been a little suspicious of anyone who seeks to tie up another through the use of long contracts. Things change and what might have been a good idea at the beginning can morph into a completely different environment six months later. There’s no polite way to say this. The one-sided, long contract your traditional real estate agent is going to ask you to sign is a bad idea. As a matter of practice, you’ll find it skewed decidedly in his favor but, until now, unless you wanted to go the ‘for sale by owner’ route, you had no choice but to sign it and hope for the best.

In case you aren’t aware, most agents solicit you to sign what is called a listing agreement, which gives him complete right to control the listing, marketing, and promotion of your house for a set period of time that usually runs anywhere from six months to one...

No-Lockbox Needed To Sell Your House
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In case you’ve never sold or bought a house before, and have never made the acquaintance of Mr. Lockbox, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. The lockbox, perhaps more than any other single item, symbolizes all that is wrong with the traditional real estate way of doing business. To veteran sellers the lockbox means:

– loss of control
– invasion of privacy
– living life on another person’s terms

Wait a minute now. It surely can’t be as bad as all that. Unfortunately, it is. For real estate newbies, a lockbox is a little metal box, hollow inside, with a combination lock that hangs on your door handle and cannot be removed unless you possess either the correct sequence of numbers required to open it or a sturdy hacksaw. The purpose of a lockbox is to allow your friendly neighborhood real estate agent unfettered...