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Choose Your Real Estate Agent Wisely
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Let’s ask a rhetorical question. When it comes to buying a property, would you rather place your faith in the slug or a highly-trained property professional? Hopefully you didn’t ponder this choice long. Open Door Auctions was created by successful entrepreneur, author, public speaker, and two decades plus veteran of the real estate trenches, Jason Hartman. Simply put, Jason does not tolerate slugs in his company because he refuses to risk the buying experience of a single customer to an unimpressive employee.

Becoming a real estate agent isn’t too terribly difficult. A couple weeks of online study, a few days in the classroom, and pass a test. After that, it’s smooth sailing except for continuing education requirements, which are mostly an excuse to party in Las Vegas. While there are very competent agents working in the traditional real estate industry,...

Why Your Real Estate Agent Likes Open Door Auctions
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The old-fashioned real estate industry is genetically flawed. It pits agent against seller in a paranoid alliance guaranteed to make both sides feel like they got a raw deal. Is this any way to run a business? At Open Door Auctions, we think not. We’ve dedicated a fair amount of recent energy to educating sellers on the benefits of our two week sales process. The funny part is that your real estate agent, if he’s honest with himself, should prefer our method also.

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Think of the deal from his point of view. Of course he wants to sell your house and earn a commission but the truth is that he has no idea how long it might take to find a buyer, if ever. Even the most jaded seller should...

Is Your Real Estate Agent for You…or Against You?
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What we see as an incredible benefit in deciding to use Open Door Auctions to sell your house is the question, “What have you got to lose?” Seriously. The old-fashioned real estate industry is in such a dysfunctional mess, it’s not like you could make a worse choice than going with the same old agent that everyone else does. While we know our sales method will almost certainly uncover the true market value of your house and hand you a fistful of serious offers in only two weeks, if, for some odd reason, you find that it’s not for you, we’ll part as friends and you can return to that “trusty” real estate agent who will always do for you exactly what he does for everyone else – not much.

At least that’s how it appears to the frustrated seller when he’s sitting in the middle of a long-term listing agreement (usually six months...