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Should You Trust the House Auction Process?
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When a new way of doing business appears on the scene, people tend to be (rightly so) a little bit suspicious about the whole thing. As a species, we cling tightly to the familiar until the unfamiliar proves itself, and real estate is no different. For eons, it seems like, folks who want to sell their houses have gone about it in generally the same way: find an agent, sign a listing agreement, then get the heck out of the way and wait for about a year for something to happen.

In the old fashioned real estate process, all the power lies with the agent.

The Open Door Auctions house auction process changes all that. Of course, we’re not the first business to hold a house auction but we are the only one to create an entire new industry model around it. But first things first. Why should you trust us in the first place? Actually, there’s one very big reason and his...