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ODA 6 – We Like the Way Apple Thinks

ODA 6 - We Like the Way Apple Thinks
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Steve Jobs, CEO and marketing brainiac behind the Apple brand, knows how to promote like nobody else on earth. A list of technology products powered by the Apple brand reads like a who’s who list of “must have’s” for the twenty-first century. The undisputed fact is that Steve Jobs products work because he manages to tap into the cult of cool – but is there something else at work here? Maybe a basic marketing strategy that insures the latest iteration of iPod, iPad, iPhone, or Mac computer all but fly off the shelves? It’s all about limiting supply to increase demand....

ODA 5 – Home Auctions Not Just for Distressed Properties

ODA 5 - Home Auctions Not Just for Distressed Properties
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If you think house auctions are only for the distressed, think again. And if the regular output of product from names like high-end auctioneers Sotheby’s and Christie’s doesn’t convince you, consider that historical auctions have been documented from as early as 500 B.C. (long before Mr. Obama and the foreclosure crisis appeared on the world scene). Perhaps the biggest auction in history occurred in 193 A.D. when the Praetorian Guard, personal bodyguards to the emperor, put the entire Roman Empire up for sale. Cheeky. Very cheeky. While Open Door Auctions has no offers from clients intending to sell an entire nation, we would like to address an issue of confusion that seems to have taken hold in the minds of some...

The Power of Velocity

Why Speed Counts When Selling Your Inventory

Why Speed Counts When Selling Your Inventory
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Velocity and Selling Your House Quickly

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selling-house-quicklySelling your house quickly has a lot more to do with the concept of velocity than you might think. The problem with the traditional real estate industry is that it remains determined to work independent of velocity, or momentum, if you like that word better. Consider a typical scenario. Real Estate Agent X notices a new property listing has been posted to the MLS. He immediately thinks of five clients he knows who are in the market for something similar, so he calls each one and suggests they hit the open house the following Sunday.

Maybe one or two of the people Agent X calls are excited and...