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Revolutionary Real Estate Tactics for the Serious House Seller

OpenDoorAuctions.comJust because something once was the best way to do something doesn”t mean it will always enjoy that status. Take for example eating meat raw – fire and cooking came along to change that, also lengthening life span by reducing early deaths from bacteria poisoning in the process. Need another example? Traveling by covered wagon. Just because you can still get from your house in Boston to the family Thanksgiving in Missouri by covered wagon doesn”t mean that choice makes the most sense. Henry Ford came along and stuck and internal combustion engine on a frame with wheels, thereby ending that nonsense.

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Same goes for the real estate industry. Just because any Tom, Dick, or Harry can hang out his shingle and sign you to a long term listing contract doesn”t mean that”s the best way to sell your house. In fact, it might be one of the worst unless your goal is slow death by inactivity. A little while back, casino online Jason Hartman had an idea about how he could do things differently, and the revolutionary real estate tactics of Open Door Auctions appeared on the scene.

Having worked the industry trenches as both a seller and buyer for more than two decades, Jason can attest to the fact that employing the services of an old fashioned real agent to sell your house is a really good deal – for the agent! What if we were to tell you there”s a way to sell your house without paying what seems to be a pretty high commission and without waiting for the glacial pace of the wheels to turn. Exactly what is your agent doing every day while the grass grows and paint dries? Anything?

Of course, he”ll say you couldn”t understand the intricacies of how the house selling market works. We have two words for that sentiment. Bull. Crap. It”s not any more complicated a process than buying a can of peas at your favorite grocery store. You want peas for dinner that night. The grocery store offers to sell them to you at a certain price. If it”s worth it, reach for the wallet. If not, go on your merry way to another store.

The revolutionary real estate tactics of Open Door Auctions simply acknowledges that selling a house isn”t rocket science. There is a simple, quick way to bring a buyer and seller together without messing around with the middle man, and we”re it.

The Open Door Auctions Team

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