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Real Estate’s Answer to Groupon

If you’re not familiar with Groupon yet, you will be. This newest of internet sensations is a company which distributes a single great coupon per day (via email) targeted to your home city. Why customers like it is obvious – they get a great deal, sometimes as much as 50 percent off a legitimate business product or service. From the business offering the coupon’s perspective, they know they’re probably going to get a truckload of fresh traffic and a chance to increase their market share. The bottom line is that Groupon reaches a whole bunch of people in a short period of time.

It was just the other day, as the blog team was doing our morning calisthenics, that founder, Jason Hartman, almost sprained a thumb muscle with excitement when he realized that Open Door Auctions IS the Groupon for the real estate. No, seriously. Think about it like this. Groupon sends out a great offer for consumers to take advantage of within a short period of time, which is almost exactly how our two week sales process works.

For too long, the old-fashioned real estate industry has taken your listing and spent the next several months (or years) trying to uncover the market’s sweet spot for that particular house. Why does it have to take so long? Ask your agent that question and expect him to, through a torturous route of convoluted logic, somehow try to put the blame back on you or a previously unnoticed flaw in in the property.

To put it bluntly, he’s shoveling crap pretty fast with that one. It takes Open Door Auctions two weeks to uncover the very same market price that it might take a traditional agent a year to find. Why does it take them so long? Because real estate is a broken industry that has no incentive to change as long as people keep walking through the front door and asking to be listed.

Now’s the time to get your real estate Groupon on. Sellers can get their house in front of a huge number of people in a short amount of time. Buyers should look at every Open Door Auctions event as their property Groupon of the day.

Everybody wins. Everybody happy.

The Open Door Auctions Team





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