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Professional Property Auctions Are Our Modus Operandi

If your vision of a property auction is a crazed maelstrom of frantic activity with a guy shouting through a megaphone trying to orchestrate it all, stop and think again. Open Door Auctions would like to introduce you to the OTHER type of property auction, a calm, professional event that more and more people are choosing when it comes time to sell their house. Everybody knows what the old-fashioned real estate market offers. This inadequate way of conducting real estate has been the mode of operation for a long time now and come to be thoroughly (though often secretly) despised by buyers, sellers, and real estate agents alike. For too long this industry has been unaffected by the forces of innovation and creativity because it was the only game in town.

The good news is that the game has changed for the better, thanks to Jason Hartman and his forward-thinking take on how property should be bought and sold.

Brave New Real Estate World
To equate our property auctions with the type of chaos often associated with foreclosed or similarly distressed properties is simply inaccurate. We sell houses in every price range, from $100,000 starter homes to multi-million dollar mansions. If you have a home that”s being foreclosed upon, sure, we can solicit a range of bids in two short weeks, but our services apply just as equally to non-foreclosures owned by people who simply prefer to avoid the profit-gouging dysfunction of traditional property selling and get the thing done quickly, efficiently, without a middleman.

The Process
After signing up for our innovative two week sales process, which includes telling us at what price you prefer to list the property, our streamlined but highly effective team swings into motion. Within fourteen days we will have used the Multiple Listing Service in creative ways unimagined by the other guys to elicit the most number of bids across a spectrum of price. We hope you”re not looking forward to open houses and intrusive showings because we think they”re a waste of time and tend to degrade the interest of buyers. Instead, we set up shop on site the day of the auction, which is a low-key but highly professional affair. Interested buyers stroll through the house and leave a sealed bid with our agents. Since it”s not an absolute auction, you retain the power to reject all bids if none are satisfactory.

Jason Hartman, a known in the real estate world, has done it again. You”re invited to visit our website if you would like to learn more about the present and future of real estate.

The Open Door Auctions Team

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