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Problem with Commitment? Try Open Door Auctions

Got a problem with commitment? Don’t feel bad. That’s the story of America, but what about when it comes to selling your house? Unfortunately, the old-fashioned real estate industry is going to ask you for a BIG commitment of time, trust, and they’ll throw in a loss of privacy for free. First you’ll have to sign a six month to one year listing agreement with an agent you barely know. He’ll argue himself blue in the face reciting the reasons the price at which you want to list your home is unreasonable, and then he disappears back to his office never to be heard from again.

To be honest, you WILL hear from him again. Probably about six months to a year in the future when the original listing agreement expires with no interest expressed by anyone in months. He’ll convince you that each day is another step closer to the right person wandering past.

Dare we channel Susan Powter’s cry of, “Stop the madness!”?

You don’t have to sell a house using this hideously inefficient and, dare we say it, dysfunctional industry. You hate commitment? So do we. That’s why the entire listing agreement between you and Open Door Auctions is a whopping two weeks! We list your property, collect bids, and sell it at auction that quickly. There’s no legitimate reason that it should take longer to discover the true market value of a house and sell it to the highest bidder.

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We sold two houses at auction just last weekend, and yours could be next. Normally our auctions result in anywhere from a handful to a few dozen bids. Of course, you don’t have to accept any of them but might have to face the reality that the number in your head doesn’t jive with the reality of the market. The bids resulting from an Open Door Auctions event are the same as you’ll get from your traditional real estate agent – he’ll just take a lot longer to get there.

If you hate commitment, learn more about how Open Door Auctions can sell your house with a minimum of fuss by clicking on the “sell” button up there.

The Open Door Auctions Team

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