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The Open Door Auctions Podcast

ODA 11 - Rents Are Increasing

ODA 11 – Rents Are Increasing

Open Door Auctions is all about sellers, right? True, except that it’s about property investors too. The reasons that an individual looking to sell a house might choose our services is a lengthy one – but what is sometimes overlooked in the process is that it’s a pretty darn good deal from the other side of the fence as well. We don’t have to recount the myriad of reasons property investors despise the traditional real estate industry. If you’re a property investor, you already know what we’re talking about. The interesting part about buying as much property as you can now is that Open Door Auctions founder, Jason Hartman, has been preaching for years about how we are presently living in historic times from a real estate perspective. Never have houses been so widely available (thanks to the Foreclosure Generation), with so little down payment required, and at such low prices...

ODA 10 - Finding the Market Price Takes Your Old-Fashioned Agent Too Long

ODA 10 – Finding the Market Price Takes Your Old-Fashioned Agent Too Long

The between Open Door Auctions and your old-fashioned real estate agent is the process by which we arrive at a property’s value. Chances are the numbers themselves will be quite similar. The problem lies in the dysfunctional-by-design traditional real estate industry. Even a decent agent, and there are a few, cannot escape that albatross around the neck. We figured out a perfect way to find a listing price that never fails – ask the seller and do what he says. As a buyer, you’re thinking, “Recipe for failure due to delusional home owners.” That might be the case, but it only lasts a few days. No matter what the seller wants to list as a starting price, we’re going to reduce it periodically until the auction date two weeks hence.If you find an Open Door Auctions property that you think is incredibly over-priced, just wait a bit. It’ll drop soon. Our policy of regular price reductions...

ODA 9 - Why RE Agents Like Open Auctions

ODA 9 – Why RE Agents Like Open Auctions

The old-fashioned real estate industry is genetically flawed. It pits agent against seller in a paranoid alliance guaranteed to make both sides feel like they got a raw deal. Is this any way to run a business? At Open Door Auctions, we think not. We’ve dedicated a fair amount of recent energy to educating sellers on the benefits of our two-week sales process. The funny part is that your real estate agent, if she’s honest with herself, should prefer our method also. Think of the deal from her point of view. Of course she wants to sell your house and earn a commission, but the truth is that she has no idea how long it might take to find a buyer – if ever. Even the most jaded sellers should realize why the average real estate agent is hesitant to commit herself to endless marketing and promotion of their houses. What if she slaved over that one single listing for month after month and,...

ODA 8 - Multiple Bids

ODA 8 – Multiple Bids

We’ve spoken at some length about the inherent inefficiency in the old- fashioned real estate industry, even going so far as to call it dysfunctional (which is not too far a stretch, in our humble opinion). Once your house is listed, it might go weeks, even months, between receiving a serious buying offer and, as much as your agent might try to pretend otherwise, it’s a rare occasion to have two buyers in a bidding war for the property. Sure it happens – usually about as often as Halley’s Comet swings past our planet for another visit. While you may have visions of multiple bids dancing in your head, the traditional real estate industry is likely to disappoint you in that regard. On the other hand, the Open Door Auctions method routinely expects to hand more than a single offer, sometimes four or five or ten or more to the seller. All within the space of two weeks. Ask your friendly...

ODA 7 - The No-Hassle Way to Sell Your House

ODA 7 – The No-Hassle Way to Sell Your House

Given the choice, would you prefer to sell your house with a lot of hassle or a little? How about no hassle? Doesn’t that sound pretty good? Open Door Auctions founder and CEO Jason Hartman has seen a lot of hassle in his 20+ years in the real estate business. In fact, he’s seen so much unnecessary hassle that he devised a sales method that removes the hassle entirely. The trouble with the old- fashioned real estate strategy is that it’s bad for everyone. Sellers hate it. Buyers hate it. Even agents hate it. They do it because it makes them money – for some, a whole lot of money – but somewhere a little voice in the head cries, “Stop the insanity!” Jason Hartman decided he would, indeed, stop the insanity. His innovative two-week approach to selling turns tradition on its head and makes everyone happy with the noticeable absence of hassle. Buyers love it. Sellers love it....