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Open Door Auctions – Find a Property NOW!

Open Door AuctionsThe problem with the way old-fashioned real estate brokers and agents use the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is their set-it-and-forget it approach. The end result is a stale set of property listings about as appealing as a slice of pizza left sitting on the counter overnight. With the box open. Open Door Auctions doesn’t hate the MLS. We actually use it frequently, though with a unique re-pricing approach that keeps our properties fresh and at the top of the listings.

But before hitting the the MLS, we’d suggest you first browse the listings in our private database at our website, (insert live link). How do we know it’s the freshest slab of properties to be found anywhere? Simple. Our sales process takes two weeks. Never more. That guarantees any property you find there will be no older than that, which translates into prime buying opportunities for either investors or a family looking for their next home.

Let’s step back to see the big picture for a moment. Most sellers come to us in an extremely motivated frame of mind. No surprise there. Our biggest benefit is the two week sales process. Those poor saps with their property listed on the MLS for months and years have passed the motivated stage and blundered straight into comatose. They don’t even realize their property is still for sale.

Contrast that with the Open Door Auctions two week sales strategy. Sellers come to us excited, motivated, ready to sell their house and get on with their life. This is the type of seller who offers the best chance for you, the buyer, to score a property you love at a price you absolutely adore. Worst case scenario – the seller declines your offer. No big deal. Jump back on our website and find another house to bid on. The auction for it is guaranteed to be no more than two weeks away.

This is how smart buyers use our innovative approach to real estate to get into a property RIGHT NOW. Why suffer the glacial pace of the old-fashioned real estate industry when you don’t have to? If you’re ready to experience a property transaction the way it should be done, visit Open Door Auctions at (insert live link) and browse our database of available homes.

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