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Open Door Auctions Sells Houses – In Days!

Why wait a year or more to sell your house when you could do it this weekend? At Open Door Auctions, we don’t blame you for being a bit leery of a real estate business model that – let’s be honest – is radically different from what we’ve all grown up believing is the way to sell a property. Back in the early 1900s, more than a few folks thought that Henry Ford’s proposal to drop something called an internal combustion engine inside a rolling metal frame with wheels was about the most asinine idea they’d ever heard. Who would pay good money for such a contraption when every family had perfectly good horse and wagon?

We know how that one turned out. These days, the old-fashioned real estate industry is sitting there in an equine-drawn vehicle wondering what just blew past. What it was, dear reader, was the New Age of real estate, an era that began the moment Jason Hartman, successful serial entrepreneur, hung out the shingle for Open Door Auctions and proceeded to begin selling houses in a matter of days that the traditional real estate agents hadn’t been able to move in months.

At Open Door Auctions, you don’t have to…

1. Slash your asking price
2. Throw your home open to strangers
3. Haggle with lowballing buyers
4. Sign a long-term exclusive listing agreement
5. Wonder what your agent is really doing

Jason has worked with great success in the real estate industry for more than two decades. Not unexpectedly, he learned a thing or two along the way about how the whole property selling process could be made into a massively easier experience for buyer, seller, and agent. Unfortunately, toiling within such a cumbersome model of dysfunction does not lend itself well to change from the inside. He soon realized a better option would be to go outside the industry and create an entirely different model, which eventually became Open Door Auctions.

The breakthrough in thinking came when Jason conceived that the old way of real estate thinking missed the boat because they never made the intuitive leap in reasoning that allowed them to view property sales more like the real estate market, using the MLS in ways never conceived before, and generating similar types of volatility and demand by withholding traffic until the very last moment. It works for the stock market and it works for property too.

Stay tuned next time when we break down the stock market / real estate connection in more depth!

The Open Door Auctions Team

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