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Open Door Auctions Lets the Control Freak in You Loose

One of the most frustrating characteristics of the old-fashioned real estate industry is that, once you sign the lengthy, one-sided listing agreement, you are in control of nothing the rest of the way until the very end when you sign on the dotted line to sell your house. Along the way there’s a good chance you’ve been bushwhacked, bullied and bamboozled, left feeling like a pinball careening and dizzy from repeated blows to the head. We must digress for a moment – if your real estate agent literally strikes you in the head, it might be time to call an attorney.

Proceeding now. One of the first areas you’ll lose control in is setting the sales price. You probably already have an idea in mind of what you want to ask for it but your agent is a shifty lad or lass. They’ll be VERY persuasive when recounting the reasons you’re dead wrong. Since they apparently have nothing better to do, they’ll stand there and argue until dinnertime. Eventually you capitulate just to be done with the thing. At Open Door Auctions, YOU set the initial listing price and YOU decide whether to accept or reject any of the bids received.

Our goal is a fast transaction at the best price the market will bear. There’s nothing up our sleeve and we’re not trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Unlike the old way of doing business in real estate, the Open Door Auctions process is a win/win situation for everyone: buyer, seller, and agent. You couldn’t sign a long-term listing agreement with us if you wanted to you. That’s not the way we roll. We’re going to move your property quickly, at a great price, or you can freely take it back to the traditional (frustrating) way of selling. While we will move heaven and earth to hand you a handful of serious offers that represent the true market value of your house, feel free to reject every single one if you like. We won’t put a guilt trip on you.

It’s your house! Do what you want with it. However, if selling it quickly and getting on with your life is what you have in mind, there’s probably only one choice to make that dream come true – Open Door Auctions.

Open Door Auctions Team




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