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Old-Fashioned Real Estate Benefits Nobody

In a way, it’s quite impressive the way that the real estate industry has developed into a model of dysfunction, incongruity, and frustration. Call it the ‘trifecta of uselessness’ if you like. We’re not joking. A person would have to think long and hard to come up with a design that is as biased against all parties as the real estate business is against both buyer and seller.

That’s the way it looks from where we’re sitting. Think about it a moment from the seller’s side, which is perhaps the most obvious one to commiserate with. In the first place, the seller is going to have to sign a one-sided listing agreement that locks him into using that agent and only that agent for anywhere from six to twelve months. During the life of that contract, he has absolutely no guarantee that the agent is going to expend any effort at all in finding a serious buyer. One would assume the agent would be willing and eager to earn that commission but, then again, maybe not.

Let’s switch viewpoints to the agent. While he is nonetheless relieved to have convinced the client to sign a listing agreement, he has no guarantee that there will be any interest in the house or that it will sell for any price no matter how hard he works on it. Where’s the motivation to work his fingers to the bone? We’ll let you in on a little secret – there isn’t any.

So, there you have it: an industry that serves both sides poorly but isn’t of a mind to change. It was this ‘business as usual’ approach to the sales process that motivated Open Door Auctions founder and 20+ year veteran of the traditional real estate business to shake things up with an innovative approach that works quickly and efficiently to serve buyer, seller, and agent. And it all happens over the course of two short weeks.

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The Open Door Auctions Team