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No Open Houses With Open Door Auctions

The open house is an unavoidable part of selling your house. Or is it? Walk into any traditional real estate joint in town and they’ll assume you know that an open house is part of the deal. If you want to sell your house, you agree to let complete strangers trundle through your house any time of the day or night, over the course of many months or even a year. The open house. Agents hate them but know they have to do them. Sellers hate them. The only party that seems to be favor of the arrangement is the buyer. What kind of industry manages to continue functioning when two-thirds of the participants are disgruntled?

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A dysfunctional industry is the answer we’re looking for.

One of the first things you’ll be glad to hear about Open Door Auctions is that there is no open house involved. Let’s backtrack slightly. There is one open house and it happens on the day the property is sold, which means any potential buyer is allowed to conduct a walk-through inspection right before the sale commences. Isn’t that so much better? The process of opening your home to strangers is over and done like that. When we say Open Door Auctions gives you your life back, a remarkable absence of open houses is one of the things we’re talking about.

Is there anything worse than getting a phone call from your real estate agent saying he is five minutes away with a potential buyer and you’re sitting in front of the computer in your underwear? Yes, there is one thing worse and that’s giving up Saturday after Saturday to an endless procession of lookie-loos. You began to feel like a monkey in a cage. Your agent pushes for more of them and nothing ever seems to come of it.

With our innovative two week sale process, you can toss all that open house garbage away. When we say no-BS, no hassle, no open house, we mean it. It’s not necessary to the process of selling and is often a tool used by your real estate agent allowing him to network for more clients. Yes, he’s using your home to pursue business interests which have nothing to do with the you, the client. That ought to make your blood boil a little bit. Let’s say that again in case anyone is unclear. The hassle of an open house is more for the benefit of the agent than the seller.

Open Door Auctions doesn’t ask you to submit to a succession of open houses. One is all we need to close the deal.

The Open Door Auctions Team

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