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No-Lockbox Needed To Sell Your House

In case you’ve never sold or bought a house before, and have never made the acquaintance of Mr. Lockbox, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. The lockbox, perhaps more than any other single item, symbolizes all that is wrong with the traditional real estate way of doing business. To veteran sellers the lockbox means:

– loss of control
– invasion of privacy
– living life on another person’s terms

Wait a minute now. It surely can’t be as bad as all that. Unfortunately, it is. For real estate newbies, a lockbox is a little metal box, hollow inside, with a combination lock that hangs on your door handle and cannot be removed unless you possess either the correct sequence of numbers required to open it or a sturdy hacksaw. The purpose of a lockbox is to allow your friendly neighborhood real estate agent unfettered access to show your house to prospective buyers any time of the day or night, courtesy of the set of keys residing inside the lock box.

If it seems like you’re surrendering your privacy to a person you barely know, you’re right. That’s exactly what you’re doing. Think your agent will have the courtesy to always call in advance and warn you that he’s on the way over with another couple to shepherd through? Or that he’ll never call in the middle of dinner and tell you he’s five minutes away with yet another set of potential house buyers?

Hold on. What’s so bad about a lockbox and constant showings? Don’t sellers want to sell the house? Isn’t that why we refer to them as such? In theory, of course they want to sell the house. In reality, they never expected that it would be such a drawn-out and annoying process, essentially putting their life on hold until the house is sold. Most of us go into the process with a nice-rosy picture in our head that the first person who looks at the house will fall in love with it and make a full-price offer immediately. If not the first, then surely the second. After all, this is the most awesome house in the neighborhood.

But what about when the number of tours reaches double digits? Or triple? That lockbox is beginning to symbolize the hatred you feel for that damn privacy-invading real estate agent you’re contractually obligated to use for four more months. You might even begin to hope he would quit working so hard on your behalf.

Doesn’t a two week sales process sound so much better? Open Door Auctions thinks so.

The Open Door Auctions Team

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