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Are you ready for a rewarding, forward-thinking career in real estate?

Most real estate agents, even the successful ones, have seen how tough the day-to-day grind is in this business. They take it with a shrug and pound down another cup of gut-busting coffee. Everybody hates their job at least once in a while, right? But what if a company could offer all of the good and almost none of the bad elements of your current real estate career – would you be interested?

At Open Door Auctions, we’re betting that there are a few forward-thinking agents out there who, like founder and successful agent/investor Jason Hartman, aren’t afraid to take a good, hard look at the industry and think, “This could be so much better.”

You’re right. It could be so much better. In fact, it IS better when you decide to leave the old-fashioned real estate industry behind and embrace the future right now. And how would that be done? By partnering with Open Door Auctions and our revolutionary new method of buying and selling real estate!

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1. The Least Work – Nobody’s calling anyone lazy but who among us wouldn’t prefer to work less and earn more? If you’re one who prefers their work life arranged the other way around, please accept our humble apology and enjoy the struggle. At this point, it might be a good idea for you to back away from the computer because we’re going to be talking about more reward with less effort from here on out.

The innovative Open Door Auctions two week sales process is designed to benefit everyone: buyers, sellers, and real estate agents too. Those who are keenly familiar with real estate will realize this is a drastic departure from the industry standard which, as far as we can tell, was specifically invented to antagonize all parties involved and create as much frustration and conflict of interest as humanly possible.

How would you like to remove these from your daily chore list?

  1. Price haggling. Our market (auction) sets the property price, fast.
  2. Open houses and broker previews. The auction is the only open house!
  3. Driving buyers around constantly. All bids are submitted at the live auction.
  4. Annoying dinnertime phone calls. This is a business hours only business model.

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We could go on longer with the list of hated real estate chores that an Open Door Auctions partnership could permanently remove from your life, but you get the point.

2. The Most Money – We’ve established how the Open Door Auctions model will have you working less – the REAL surprise, though, is that there’s also an extremely good chance you’ll be making a LOT more money and receiving it much faster. That’s exciting news for agents who have acquired a level of learned tolerance to the interminable sales process. You have to keep a dozen irons in the fire at all times in the hope that a few will eventually turn into actual sales! This constant juggling act and the accompanying financial stress is a prescription for a host of problems, including heart attack, ulcers, family neglect, divorce, personal bankruptcy and… workaholism.

Open Door Auctions makes the financial side of real estate a breeze. Remember, this new approach to real estate means that you can expect a better, more consistent pay-day since your next sale is never more than two weeks away. Nobody hates a long-term property listing more than the agent who has to wake up and look at the thing sitting on his computer screen every morning for months or years at a time.

3. Stop the Insanity! – We’ll be the first to say that partnering with Open Door Auctions is not the best choice for every real estate agent. We only need vibrant, excited people who realize that “But we’ve always done it this way!” is not a good reason to continue ad infinitum. The bottom line is that the real estate industry has been broken and dysfunctional for a long time. At Open Door Auctions, we’ve decided to fix it. If you want to be part of the revolution, work less, earn more, provide a better customer experience while dramatically improving your quality of life, contact the Open Door Auctions Team today to claim your own dream real estate career (and get your life back).

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