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Jason Hartman’s 5 Reasons Why Auctions Can Open the Door to Investment Success

Jason Hartman

Art, antiques, cattle, used appliances and vehicles: These are the sorts of items commonly sold at auctions. But did you know that you could put your home up for sale at an auction, too? And we’re not talking about a sheriff’s auction where the home’s being sold because a lender has foreclosed on your mortgage. We’re talking about selling your home quickly — often in a matter of two weeks — because you need to move across the country or keep that property-investment portfolio rolling.

At the Platinum Properties Investors Network, led by founder and real estate expert Jason Hartman, we offer a perfect solution for selling your home or finding a new one. That solution is Open Door Auctions, which is a revolutionary new way to buy and sell a property.

With Open Door Auctions, you sell that home for the best profit, avoiding the hiring of a real estate agent who will simply place your property on a multiple listing services (MLS) — where it may well sit, hermit-like, among hundreds of other properties, for six to 12 months.

If you already are a follower of Jason Hartman and his network of Platinum Properties investors, you also may be wisely building a portfolio by buying a growing number of properties. That is a strategy that you know will steer you to a successful financial future, and Open Door Auctions also can be a perfect solution for you.

We can present dozens of reasons why Open Door Auctions is the best way to sell a property, or buy a new property or add properties to an investment portfolio. But we have narrowed that number to a handful. Here then, are Jason Hartman’s 5 Reasons Why Auctions Can Open the Door to Investment Success:

1) With Platinum Properties Investment Network and Jason Hartman’s Creation of Open Door Auctions, You’re Looking at Extremely Short-Term Listing Agreements — Like, in Two Weeks!

The MLS has been around since the late 1800s when real estate brokers regularly gathered at association offices and shared information about properties they were trying to sell. They would agree to compensate other brokers who might help them sell properties that were lagging on their sales list, and the first MLS was born. Today, companies that use a market’s multiple listing services may use computer markup language (XML) to gather and disseminate their information. But let’s face it, the MLS concept still is the backbone and it is an ancient one — one that has been around for a century and a quarter.

Fast forward to today and our newer ways of thinking. Why sign an exclusive listing agreement with an agent and MLS for six to 12 months — and perhaps longer than that — while trying to find a good buyer and a good price? The seller, or client, become uncertain about the future under such an arrangement as the weeks crawl by and by. And agents — well, they may not worry much about the property if they don’t think it will sell, so they devote most of their time to properties they may deem more attractive.

The fact is: The Open Door Auctions approach from Jason Hartman and the Platinum Properties Investor Network has become attractive even for real estate agents because they can avoid spending so much of their time on long, stale listings. Open Door Auctions is a true win-win for a seller or an agent.

2) With Open Door Auctions and the Counsel of Jason Hartman and Platinum Properties Investors, You’re Looking at Faster Market Valuation and Legitimate Offers

Instead of listing your property with that old-fashioned agent who promptly tosses it into the Multiple Listing Service, right next to dozens upon dozens of other properties, Jason Hartman and the Platinum Properties Investors Network will streamline the property to a sealed-bid auction. As a result, you will know the highest offer for your home within two weeks.

The Open Door Auctions system solicits multiple bids to produce a faster discovery of market value for your property. At the same time, you’re avoiding six- to 12-month hassles that come with an MLS, and our agents can move on to facilitating more sales. If bids submitted to Open Door Auctions are not sufficient enough to meet your target price, you will have the option to refuse all the offers. But still, you also will have the benefit of knowing the true market value for your property.

We at Platinum Properties Investments Network think this may well be the world’s best appraisal system yet!

3) With Open Door Auctions, You’re Avoiding the Disappointment That Arises From the MLS Approach

As our founder at the Platinum Properties network of investments, Jason Hartman, has said for decades, the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is the “stock exchange for real estate.” But, Hartman adds, it is rather inefficient when it comes to producing true “price discovery” quickly. A market’s multiple listing services create price discovery slowly, often at a turtle’s pace, through a series of one disappointment after another. That is not fun when you’re wanting to move onward.

Simply put, the innovative Open Door Auctions system that Jason Hartman has devised conquers the flaws that are inherent in the ancient MLS — and the real estate industry’s stale practices as a whole.

4) Open Door Auctions Leverage Both Internet Technology and Media Coverage

The Open Door approach not only saves you a headache, hassle and tons of uncertainty that comes with hanging out on an MLS, but it also leverages online marketing, social media and other “media bursts” to bring fast, quality attention to our property auctions.

In one of our media bursts, a lady seller in Orange County, California bemoans of hiring an agent and the MLS approach: “The house was listed for over five months. Everything was the old-fashioned way, with no luck. The privacy invasion (which can include many phone calls, dealing with lock boxes, etc.) was a HUGE hassle. It was a complete waste of time. I thought there had to be a better way.”

After that seller turned to Open Door Auctions and the Platinum Property Investment Network, however: “I was amazed. After just two short weeks, we got 27 offers and sold the house for a great price. It was the easiest sale ever!”

By creating some “buzz” around each quality property we decide to list, as we did with that radio advertisement and property that we auctioned in Orange County, a strong pool of interest was generated, and it was generated FAST. Within two short weeks, homeowners who sell the Open Door way will have multiple offers to consider. This gives the seller the power to accept the best offer or wait until later — but the best part, as Jason Hartman notes, is that you discover this information very quickly.

5) You Remain in Control of the Sales Process With Open Door Auctions and the Pros at the Platinum Properties Investor Network

Just give Open Door Auctions a try! If it doesn’t work, you can go ahead and list your property with a traditional Realtor after you’ve attempted our short, two-week sales window.

As Jason Hartman says: “You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain with our method. Our agents WANT to help you find the best price for your property quickly. If the best offer you receive does not meet your target price, you and our agents both move on to the next stage of life while avoiding six to 12 months of wasted time and uncertainty.”

Still wondering about the Open Door Auctions Avenue after reading our five main reasons to give them a whirl?

Here are a few more reasons, or “sub-reasons,” if you will:

First, for sellers of a home:

  • You can set the price you want. There will be no arguments from Jason Hartman or the Platinum Properties Investment Network … only solid advice.
  • There are no more privacy-invading home tours or weekly open houses.
  • That outdated, offer/counter-offer process becomes a thing of the past.
  • Best of all, you receive the highest possible net cash that’s possible for your property!

OK, we’ve talked plenty about sellers, but, as we’ve also noted, Open Door Auctions is something that buyers will want to give a try, too. Here are more reasons you’ll want to BUY properties from Open Door Auctions, the Platinum Properties Investors Network, and industry veteran Jason Hartman:

  • You also will discover a property’s true market value, much faster than the century-plus-old, multiple-listing-service approach.
  • You’re retaining the possibility of uncovering an awesome, below-market deal.
  • Transactions go down extremely fast — there is no more of that messing around!
  • You, too, are avoiding the possibility of working with lazy, unqualified agents who will waste way too much of your time. Instead, you’ll be part of a truly market-driven (rather than an ego-driven) sales environment.
  • With Open Door Auctions, you will kick your income-property or house-flipping business into high gear, or, if you’re in search of your dream home, you’ll get it fast.
  • You’ll leverage a much better chance to complete a short sale — even those folks at banks or other lending companies love our multiple-offer approach!

Are you ready to open your door to a fast home sale and avoid the old-and-tired way that is MLS? Then call, quickly, 1-800-813-QUICK, or visit the Open Door Auctions website today.