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Here’s a Crazy Idea – YOU Set the Price

OpenDoorAuctions.comIt’s a fact. Your old fashioned real estate agent is going to do his darnedest to try and convince you that he knows what the price of your house should be set at. He’ll trot out prices of comparable houses in your area that have recently sold. He’ll drag out an official price estimate from a licensed professional. He might even drop his two decades of personal experience in the local market on the table to prove to you that his opinion of the selling price of your house is the most accurate. Maybe he’ll try to channel Donald Trump.

Guess what? He might be right on all counts, but the bottom line is that the house is YOURS and if you have a certain number in your head that you want as the initial listing price, who are we to say it’s not your right to do so? Last time we checked, we’re still were in the United States of America. Setting the price of your property is one area where Open Door Auctions dramatically departs from the traditional real estate industry.

Our philosophy is simple. It’s your house. You set the listing price. The end result, whether you go with what a realtor recommends or your own idea, is ultimately irrelevant because the market ALWAYS sets the final price. Where you set the initial price doesn’t really matter. Bet you won’t hear that from your old fashioned agent.

At Open Door Auctions, we promise you that within two weeks we can show you what the market thinks your house is worth. At that point, you decide whether or not to accept it. Remember this, the market doesn’t care if your mortgage is upside down. It doesn’t care if you’re under-employed or unemployed and desperate to sell at a certain price. The only thing that matters is this: fourteen short days after you give us the green light, we’ll have a handful of offers to show you from buyers who are ready to purchase your house. We can’t promise you’ll like all the offers but they will be legitimate.

The process of arriving at a market driven price takes a real estate agent six months to a year – that’s how long the listing contract they want you to sign will be. We’ll do the same thing in two weeks. Your call. 714-820-4200.

The Open Door Auctions Team


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