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Fly from LA to NY – or Sell Your House

It takes about five hours to fly from Los Angeles to New York, which is the same amount of time it takes Open Door Auctions to sell your house during our innovative one day auction. Even though the old-fashioned real estate industry hasn’t realized it yet, we live in a busy world and sellers don’t always have the time to stand around waiting for an inefficient cat-and-mouse torture game to play out.

Are in the military?
Perhaps no group in America today understands the value of being able to sell your house quickly than those who serve in the military. New orders come in and your life is turned upside down. Unless you want to leave the family behind, you don’t have time to mess with your traditional real estate agent. Here’s the good news. Open Door Auctions will saturate the market with your new listing for two weeks, then sell the thing at auction on a weekend afternoon. It’s not uncommon to collect 30 bids across the price spectrum. If you see one you like, take it, and the deal’s done.

Got a new job?
The job you’ve been pining over is finally yours but it starts two weeks and one thousand miles away and you desperately want to sell your house before you move. In the old days you were out of luck. With Open Door Auctions, our two week process is designed to get the word out fast and then sell it quick. The final decision on whether to accept a bid or not is yours, but keep in mind that the market has spoken. It just so happens that our lightning fast process arrives at the same place, price-wise, as a traditional listing agreement, just much, much faster.

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Busy professional?
Maybe you’re not going anywhere but, as a busy professional, simply do not want to mess with the details of selling a house or the aggravation of having a bunch of strangers clomping through to look at it every day. Here’s the deal. We list it for two weeks – no open houses – then sell it over a four or five hour window on a weekend afternoon. Neat. Fast.

The Open Door Auctions Team