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Do You Want More Offers to Buy Your House?

Late night talk show host and Saturday Night Live player Jimmy Fallon currently stars in a series of commercials which ask the question, “Do you prefer 50% more cash?” For most of us, the obvious answer is, “Yes! Give us the freakin” money!” At Open Door Auctions, we”re slapping ourselves because we should have thought of the idea first in regard to our innovative property auction service. So here”s our question to you. Do you prefer MORE offers to buy your house or fewer? We”re pretty sure most people would say “More!” with great enthusiasm and who could blame them?

More offers means more choices and, potentially, a chance to rake in more money from the sale of your home. Back to Jimmy Fallon. Is more money a good thing? Most people think so. The problem is that too many house sellers have been bamboozled by more than a century of real estate industry protocol that says getting an offer or two every six months isn”t a bad deal.

In our opinion, that way of thinking is completely ridiculous. It”s not unusual for Open Door Auctions properties to receive anywhere from 20-40 serious offers, and it all happens within the space of two weeks time. Here”s another question. Do you prefer 20-40 offers to buy your house over 14 days time or two offers spread over a year? We”re pretty sure we know which you will choose. While we”re having a bit of fun at the expense casino online of the old fashioned real estate business, you shouldn”t overlook the simple fact that selling your house is serious business. It is likely to be the largest single financial transaction of your life.

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Do you want to just toss it out there and let any old real estate agent take a few hacks at it? Think about this. Most traditional real estate contracts for listing run anywhere from six months to a year in length. The agent knows he has you tied up for that length of time, so where”s the urgency to get a deal done? Nowhere! There is no urgency at all. In fact, thanks to the incestuous nature of the property selling business, many agents actually prefer to keep your house listed for months at a time in order to use it as bait to attract more business farther down the road. Real estate – no one ever claimed it was pretty.

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