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Choose Your Real Estate Agent Wisely

Let’s ask a rhetorical question. When it comes to buying a property, would you rather place your faith in the slug or a highly-trained property professional? Hopefully you didn’t ponder this choice long. Open Door Auctions was created by successful entrepreneur, author, public speaker, and two decades plus veteran of the real estate trenches, Jason Hartman. Simply put, Jason does not tolerate slugs in his company because he refuses to risk the buying experience of a single customer to an unimpressive employee.

Becoming a real estate agent isn’t too terribly difficult. A couple weeks of online study, a few days in the classroom, and pass a test. After that, it’s smooth sailing except for continuing education requirements, which are mostly an excuse to party in Las Vegas. While there are very competent agents working in the traditional real estate industry, the ease of entry into the field insures you’ll find a lot of flat-out slugs on the other side of the desk. And sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between the two until you’ve already made the mistake of signing a listing agreement.

At that point you’re locked in for six months or longer.

To find and keep work with Open Door Auctions requires an agent to be a self-starter with a a passion for property, over-the-top customer service skills, and energy to burn. Those with talent are allowed to fly as high as they want. The ones who can’t cut it are not allowed to hang around just to collect a paycheck.

The point is that you should not place an Open Door Auctions agent in the same category as your old-fashioned lump of a real estate agent who managed to disappoint you in new and unexpected ways over the entire length of the listing agreement. Our agents embody the kind of professional service and expert knowledge you wish the rest of the world cared enough to adopt.

If you’re ready to experience a real estate transaction the way it should be done, visit Open Door Auctions at (insert live link) and browse our database of available properties.

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