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Whether you’re in the market for one home that lasts a lifetime, or an investor on a constant mission to find great properties, Open Door Auctions will dramatically improve your property buying process. Sometimes it seems like the old-fashioned real estate industry goes out of its way to mess things up and make them complicated. If there exists a common-sense approach to complete any given task, it’s a pretty good bet the old industry will move heaven and earth to avoid it.

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The process of buying a home is widely recognized as a tedious, complicated and often ethically challenged process that ultimately takes a lot longer than it should. (At least, those were the thoughts going through the mind of founder Jason Hartman in the years leading up to the formulation of his game-changing buying method.) Buyers should be especially excited about the prospect of never having to wait for the sales price of a house to drop to a reasonable level – with Jason’s proven method, it’s going to get there, and fast. It is a well known fact that sellers and agents often seem to be living on different planets when it comes to pricing a house for sale. Tiny bathrooms are overlooked. Poorly designed kitchens are ignored. Market conditions are always changing. You get the idea.

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Good for them, but you have to live in the real world – and the real world operates under the assumption that a house should sell for what the market thinks it’s worth. This is where the innovative Open Door Auctions system makes your life exponentially easier. Instead of a drawn-out offer/counter-offer process that could take weeks, months or even years to play out, you can land that property you’ve been lusting over this weekend. That’s it. That’s how long it takes us to list and sell a house – just two weeks. Within two weeks’ compressed time of learning that a property is available, you could own the American Dream or add another investment property to your portfolio.

Need more reasons to buy with Open Door Auctions? Here you go!

1. Discover a property’s true market value – fast.

2. Experience a completely transparent sales process.

3. Deal with a market leader, innovator and 20+ year industry veteran.

4. Retain the possibility of uncovering an awesome below-market deal.

5. Transactions go down extremely fast – there is no messing around!

6. Avoid working with lazy, unqualified agents that waste your time.

7. Kick your income property or house-flipping business into high gear – or, get your dream home fast!

8. Be part of a truly market-driven (rather than ego-driven) sales environment.

9. Find a steady supply of good properties at great prices. Rinse and repeat.

10. Leverage a much better chance to complete a short sale – banks love our multiple-offer approach!

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Open Door Auctions offers too many competitive advantages over the traditional real estate industry sales approach to list here. Keep in mind that this entire process happens much more efficiently than you’re probably used to – but that’s a good thing. If you don’t like the process, you’re always free to go back to your “trusty” old-fashioned real estate agent, an agonizing negotiation process and a business model that could legitimately be termed Neanderthal at this point.

But if you’re the kind of forward-thinking individual who realizes that millions of people can, in fact, be quite wrong about the perceived “best way” to buy a home, please sign up today (see below) with We are extremely confident that you’re going to LOVE what you learn about our win/win business model.

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