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Beer Steins to Commemorate the Best of Times

It is how beer steins cheap Michael Kors handbags come to be. They have always commemorated a significant moment in our history. From battles between armies to love affairs between royalty, beer steins were commissioned and have michael kors handbags always been a great way to document our lives.

If we were to come up with special steins today, we most likely would come up with different events in our lives. We could commemorate our marriages, the birth of our children and their graduations. We could commemorate our team winning, or a memorial for a great loss in our lives.

But if I were to commission them for moments that have had an effect on us all, I would have to go quite a bit deeper than that. Of course in my way of thinking, there are issues that I would absolutely avoid. But, there are some great times to commemorate even in our world gone wild.

The first stein I would commission Michael Kors handbags outlet would be one to commemorate the invention of the cellphone. We might be looking at it now as if it’s no big deal. But just like landlines of yesterday, the cellphone will one day be replaced by something more elaborate. That’s when the memory of the cellphone will be much more significant.

The second stein I would commission would be to commemorate Chuck Norris, arguably the baddest man in history. It is said that death had a near Chuck Norris experience. If we don’t commemorate Chuck Norris with a beer mug, we are wrong. and he’ll come after us! No one wants that!

It might have been done, but I would commission one Michael Kors for beer pong. What these kids do these days with ping pong balls is simply amazing. But, sometimes beer pong experts forget cheap michael kors that beer is a part of the game. They just like bouncing their balls around!

To follow up with the beer pong beer stein, I would commission the beer stein Michael Kors handbags outlet to commemorate beer battleship. In case you don’t know, it’s a game of battleship with shots of beer. By the time someone sinks your battleship, you’ve had a good bit to drink.

Not to say that I would stop cheap Michael Kors commissioning beer steins, but for now I would stop at commemorating the act of belching the alphabet. Everyone who can belch the alphabet has a special skill that they can’t use anywhere else. We michael kors handbags might as well honor this special skill with its own beer stein.

If we can literally make a beer stein to commemorate anything, there are some really great moments to consider. If you have a loved one who just came home from the war, or if you have a friend who just graduated cosmetology, a million and one things in your life can fill your beer michael kors outlet stein michael kors handbags collection. That’s the fun part about it!Articles Connexes:

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