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5 Super Quick Ways to Sell Your House

It wasn”t very many years ago that selling your house and getting a great price for it was a snap. The housing market was so hot that almost ANY property was a guaranteed profit deal for the seller and buyer. It wasn”t even all that unusual for a house to sell BEFORE it officially went on the market. Buyers kept their ears pricked for whispers of potential sellers and beat feet to their door to make a great offer before the listing ever made it to the MLS.

We don”t have to tell you that the real estate environment is different today. Houses routinely sit for months, sometimes a year or longer, struggling to draw any interest in a bleak economy with few jobs, and one where banks, still licking their wounds from the recent foreclosure wreck, are skittish about offering mortgage loans to all but the most qualified buyers.

So should you simply decide to wait five years to put your house on the market? Not at all. There are five super quick ways to show off your home to its best advantage, increasing the odds it will sell fast and at a good price myessayservices company. Then there is our innovative Open Door Auctions system that shows you how to sell a house at maximum open market value in two short weeks. More on that later. First, let”s talk about the five ways to immediately give your home a leg up on the rest of the real estate market.

Forget Major Upgrades: Too many homeowners get obsessed with spending thousands of dollars on major upgrades to the kitchen and bathroom. While these two areas are critical, if you want to move your house quickly, forget about them and focus on small changes that yield big results. We”re talking about painting and landscaping primarily. When it comes to the most bang for the buck, it doesn”t get any better than this, and these kinds of improvements can be completed over a dedicated weekend of hard work.

Clean It: Clean your house. It”s such a simple concept but one easily overlooked by homeowners excited to sell their house. Your goal is to get as close to the look and smell of a new model development home as possible. Get the clutter out of the garage, closets, and every other nook or cranny you can think of. Kids” rooms” a mess? Likely! Threaten or bribe them to get them into shape and keep them that way. If you have carpets, a professional cleaning might be in order.

Relocate Pets: Pet lovers don”t like to hear this hard truth of life but not everyone thinks it”s cute to have little fluffy animals in the house. If you insist on keeping them inside during the listing and sales process, do so with the realization that some people will refuse to seriously consider buying from you because of that one simple thing. No matter how clean you keep it, they”re going to assume hair, odor, and little poopsies are everywhere! Pretend like this isn”t the truth if you like, and suffer the consequences.

The Nose Knows: Sometimes we forget how important the sense of smell is to first impressions. If you know a potential buyer is on the way to take a look around, make sure you have fresh flowers in place to give off a pleasing aroma. Scented candles are another good option, as is the presence of freshly cooked food: Think pies or bread. Heck, you might even offer the buyer a big “ol slice. Couldn”t hurt. But what can hurt are weird or offensive odors that hit you the moment the front door opens.

List it Low: How bad do you really want to sell your house? Enough to undercut in price every comparable home for sale in the area? The bottom line is that all buyers are looking for a steal and a low asking price has a lot to do with how quickly you will be signing on the dotted line of a real estate contract. Hate it if you want but this is the unvarnished truth. Put yourself in the buyer”s shoes. Price is the determining factor in SO many of our purchases in life.

Now that we”ve given you five ways to make your house super appealing to buyers, we”d like to leave you with one more tip to sell your house quickly: Check out the Open Door Auctions approach to real estate. While we do much that is unique and different from the old fashioned way of property selling, there are two important facts to keep in mind.

1. We will sell your house in two weeks. Contact us today to get the clock ticking.
2. Get the most offers. Many of our clients receive as may as 30 legitimate offers.

We”ll be the first to say there are no guarantees in life, but our approach to real estate is one that should have been tried a long time ago.

The Open Door Auctions Team





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