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3 Reasons Irvine Home Auctions Offer Best Buying Opportunity

Buyers realize that here and now is a great time to be a buyer in the California real estate market. Nowhere is that more true than Irvine and never has there been a better partner to scope out the current offerings than Irvine home auctions offered by Open Door Auctions (ODA). As a long-time member of the traditional real estate community, ODA founder, Jason Hartman, realized that the old-fashioned way of buying and selling houses had a few glaring problems. For the entire history of real estate, these problems affected all three participants in the deal – buyer, seller, and agent.

Jason did what any entrepreneurial-minded spirit would do and decided to play the game according to his rules. Rules that seemed to make a lot more sense. The method he chose to sell properties is the tried-and-true auction format, which has enjoyed a long history as a reliable and efficient way to quickly find out what the market thinks a property is worth. If it’s the Irvine, California, area you’re interested in, here are three good reasons we think you’ll like what we’re doing.

1. Motivated Sellers – Sellers list their properties with our auction service for many reasons. First and foremost, with a two-week max, it’s faster than the traditional way of listing by a long shot. Don’t believe us? Imagine a seller walking into Agent X’s office and offering a two week window to sell the house. After this professional property slinger picks his tongue up off the floor and recovers from a lengthy round of belly laughs, he’ll get around to saying “no” in so many words. We don’t think it’s funny at all the way Agent X wants to tie up that buyer’s life for the length of a six month to one year property listing agreement. It might eventually sell it but at no better price than we will get with our accelerated sales method.

2. New Listings – The second thought to keep in mind, as a buyer, is that our two week window to sell a property means that we constantly have new listings cycling through our database. As a buyer, especially if you happen to be an investor or high volume buyer, this is great news. If you haven’t noticed, the wheels of progress turn very slowly in the old-fashioned real estate industry. Even if you have a special relationship with an agent who keeps an eye peeled for the type of property’s you’re after, his business model simply operates a different speed than yours. At Open Door Auctions, we’re used to an almost unnaturally quick property sales pace. Quick is good for us, good for you, and good for the seller, and that’s what the real estate industry should have been focusing on long ago.

3. Quick Offer and Acceptance – Did we say quick? We did, and we really meant it. A large bit of stress is induced into a traditional real estate deal by the hideously frustrating pace of the offer/counter-offer process. We believe there is simply no reason for it. Why create stress that doesn’t have to be there? Our model allows you to walk up to a property on the day of the sale, tour the house, leave your sealed bid and find out that day if it was accepted or not. How cool is that? The only reason everyone believes real estate moves at a glacial pace is because that’s what a century of practice has taught them. Slow doesn’t always mean methodical and well planned. Sometimes slow is just slow and that’s what we have with the old way of selling property.

There you have it. Three ways to seriously consider Open Door Auctions if you’re in the market to buy a property in Irvine now or in the near future. Check out our website at if you need more information about how the whole home auction process works. Keep in mind that this method is on its way to becoming the de facto way homes are bought and sold. For too many years, a home auction has been associated with foreclosures or other types of distressed property sales. That simply isn’t an accurate reflection of reality. The business person down the street and the millionaire next door have both realized that a quick sale allows them to get on with their life.
Our business model is just like the old one, except completely different and much better.

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