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Open Door Auctions Innovative Real Estate Approach

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Open Door Auctions Innovative Approach Proves More Buyers and Sellers are SOLD on the Idea of Home Auctions

With its fast-paced and innovative strategies, Open Door Auctions brings buyers, sellers and agents more options in the least amount of time

Irvine CA – (5/31/11) – Open Door Auctions, Inc., a revolutionary new way to buy and sell property quickly and effectively, opened its doors with two new listings in Irvine—both properties sold in just two weeks with buyers showing up in record numbers.

The company’s unique business model proved successful by recently drawing nearly 400 people in one weekend and soliciting multiple offers.  A multi-pronged marketing blitz coupled with restricting...

Think Twice Before Dealing with Real Estate Agents!

Think Twice Before Dealing with Real Estate Agents!
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As if you needed another reason to ditch the traditional real estate agent’s love of holding multiple open houses to sell your property (allegedly), evidence continues to mount of these “professionals” tendency to snoop and even engage in criminal activity whilst performing (once again, allegedly) the duties of the listing contract. In Maple Grove, Minnesota, a couple is

“Personal Responsibility” is a Dirty Foreclosure Phrase?
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OpenDoorAuctions.comWe try not to focus on the recent several years worth of foreclosure free falls from a negative point of view. Yes, every foreclosure represents a failed American Dream, and that’s not a pleasant idea. But too often lost in the “woe is me” mess is the fact that a willing citizen signed themselves up for a mortgage they couldn’t afford, and a willing federal government backed up the foolishness by guaranteeing a loan that a private lender probably never would have made in a free market.


We Like the Way Apple Thinks!
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OpenDoorAuctions.comSteve Jobs, CEO and marketing brainiac behind the Apple brand, knows how to promote like nobody else on earth. A list of technology products powered by the Apple brand reads like a who’s who list of “must have’s” for the twenty-first century. The undisputed fact is that Steve Jobs products work because he manages to tap into the cult of cool, but is there something else at work here? Maybe a basic marketing strategy that insures the latest iteration of iPod, iPad, iPhone, or Mac computer all but fly off the shelves?

For Innovative Real Estate Solutions – Open Door Auctions
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OpenDoorAuctions.comIt pains us to say, but the real estate industry has its share of shysters, shady characters, and shameful behavior. A good name is worth it’s weight in gold in this business or, in our case, platinum. You might already be familiar with the name Jason Hartman. He’s the creator of “The Complete Solution for Real Estate Investors,” and CEO and founder...