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2 Weeks ‘Til Freedom From Your House

The burden of putting your house up for sale is enough to make a hardened cage fighter weep. The problem is not so much that the process is overly intricate or complicated, but rather that the actual sale date is an open-ended question. The first thing you”ll likely be faced with, should you choose to employ the services of an old fashioned real estate agent, is that they”re going to want you to sign a long term listing agreement (normally six months or one year).

The obvious conclusion is that you shouldn”t expect anything to happen quickly. And don”t make the mistake of thinking your agent will be busting his hump every second of the day to get your house front and center on every eligible buyer”s plate. The real estate industry moves at a certain pace, which might most accurately be described as lethargic, and sellers or buyers who get in a hurry to push the pace are liable to be labeled “troublemakers.” Guess how much effort your agent expends on troublemakers? Less than usual.

At Open Door Auctions, we”ve heard plenty of reasons over the years from old fashioned real estate agents why it takes so long to sell a house, but none of them good ones. We need two weeks of your life. That”s all we”ll ever ask for. Our unique selling process kicks into high gear immediately when we set a date for the auction and begin saturating local and national sources with the availability of your house.

What”s one of the biggest nightmares related to selling your house? It has to be butting heads with the stubborn agent regarding the listing price. He wants one thing, you want another. Here”s a crazy idea – it”s your house, you set the price. While waiting for the answer to the call, we offer our customers the opportunity to play casino. More accurately, you set the initial price and the market determines how accurate your guess was. It truly does not matter what number you or any real estate agent in the world puts on a property. It”s simply that – a number – a starting place, if you prefer. The ultimate arbiter of what your house is worth is the market of buyers who bid on it, and in two short weeks you will have in your hands a variety of bids to ponder. Remember, if you don”t like any of the bids you receive from our two week process, you don”t have to sell it.

Two weeks until freedom from your house. Think about it.

The Open Door Auctions Team

Flickr / Joe Lanman