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10 Reasons Open Door Auctions Likes to Say “No”

It’s not often that people like to be told “no,” but when it comes to turning the old-fashioned real estate industry and their dysfunctional way of doing business on it’s head, Open Door Auctions is proud to be able to express our opinion in the negative. In short, we leave a lot of junk out of the process that others feel compelled to include. Here are ten examples of how we’ll make your life easier by saying “no.”

1. No long listings: Do you like the idea of tying up your house with a real estate listing that contractually obligates you to a single agent for anywhere from six months all the way up to a year? We don’t. It doesn’t make sense and is unnecessary.

2. No living in a fishbowl: An old-fashioned real estate agent will turn your house and daily life into an experiment in how much intrusion you can stand. Prepare to have your life put on public display as long as the house sits on the market. No time of day is taboo to your agent and the one he picks is likely to be the worst.

3. No showings: The experience of selling your house has traditionally been similar to moving into a museum. People wander through at all hours, touching things, murmuring to themselves, while you just got back in from a hard day of work and would like nothing better than for everyone who is not your family to simply go away. “But this is the way to sell your house,” says your agent. Like it or lump it. So you sigh and reach for a cleaning rag.

4. No (only one) open house: An open house is another one of those hideous little adventures invented by the real estate industry so they can use your property to generate future business for themselves and inconvenience you as much as possible in the process. Do you want to turn your home into a conga line of half-interested lookers scamming for free donuts and coffee on a Saturday morning? We didn’t think so. Where most real estate agents hold multiple open houses and showings, we have only one and that’s on the day of the sale. Better yet, people who attend our single open house event have been brought to that time and place by our targeted marketing efforts. These are serious buyers, not “tire kickers.”

5. No wasted time: Life is so long and boring that we like to spend large chunks of it watching a “for sale” sign rust in our front yard. Right? Hopefully, this does not describe your time here on earth. If so, read no further, but if you want to sell your house quickly, efficiently, and still get the best market price in the area, Open Door Auctions would like to talk to you.

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6. No lock box: A lock box is that infernal device hanging on your front doorknob, a combination lock protecting a set of keys. Many real estate agents demand a lockbox be affixed to your humble abode while it’s on the market, so they can let themselves in to fix a snack and order pay-per-view while you’re gone. Actually, this is not the alleged reason behind lockboxes but are we the only ones who cringe a little at the whole concept? Lockboxes – we don’t use them. Our properties sell so fast there’s no need.

7. No privacy invasion: Everything we’ve mentioned so far leads to one unavoidable conclusion; with the old-fashioned real estate industry, your life is no longer your own but rather operates at the behest of what your agent decides is “best” for the property to sell. So he places demands upon your privacy through showings, open houses, and phone calls that become obtrusive quickly.

8. No phone calls: Even if you like talking on the telephone, there are probably people you’d rather do it with than your real estate agent. Unfortunately, some turn into quite the chatty Cathy or Kenny and dial you up for any old reason under the sun. One of the problems with everyone carrying a cell phone is that it is so darn easy for them to whip it out and dial your number again, and again, and again. If you want to call us and ask a question, no problem. We’re here to do whatever it takes to sell your property fast, but enjoy the sweet sound of your phone not ringing with us on the other end suggesting you paint your kitchen burnt chartreuse ’cause that’s today’s hot new color.

9. No loss of control: You should read a real estate listing agreement with a traditional agent or broker very carefully before signing. Essentially you cede a large part of the decision-making process about your property (house) to a stranger. This doesn’t mean they’re evil but keep in mind that it is your house. Shouldn’t you be the one making the decisions?

10. No middlemen: The ultimate difference between our house-selling process and that of the old way of doing business is that we cut out the middleman. Many successful and innovative businesses from a spectrum of industries have built great successes this way and we’re no different. The bottom line is, why deal with a middleman if you don’t have to?

These are ten specific cases where we say “no” to our clients and they’re very happy we do.

The Open Door Auctions Team

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