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We Hate Phone Calls At all Hours And So Should You
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Read no further if your favorite part of selling your house is the probability that you will be receiving phone calls from your real estate agent and random strangers during dinnertime. While you’re brushing your teeth, in the middle of your favorite television show, and as you lay yourself down to sleep. Even better, these phone calls might be telling you that your agent is five minutes away with a a couple who can’t wait to invade your privacy.

Privacy? The very concept is something of a joke when it comes to the unfortunate position of signing a long term contract with a real estate agent. Sorry, Bubba, that’s how the industry works. So you sigh, sign it, and get ready for the onslaught. Except it probably won’t really be an onslaught but rather a trickle of infrequent calls that occur at the absolute worst possible time.

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