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Finding the Market Price Takes Your Old-Fashioned Agent Too Long
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The most stark difference between Open Door Auctions and your old-fashioned real estate agent is the process by which we arrive at a property’s value. Chances are the numbers themselves will be quite similar. The problem lies in the dysfunctional-by-design traditional real estate industry. Even a decent agent, and there are a few, cannot rid himself of that albatross around the neck.
We figured out a perfect way to find a listing price that never fails – ask the seller and do what he says. As a buyer, you’re thinking, “Recipe for failure due to delusional home owners.” That might be the case, but it only lasts a few days. No matter what the seller wants to list as a starting price, we’re going to reduce it periodically until the auction date two weeks hence.

If you find an Open Door Auctions property that you think is incredibly over-priced,...