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Sell Your House Without Keeping It Clean
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If you’re one of those odd people who love nothing better than to maintain your house in military inspection condition at all times, we apologize in advance for this blog. The truth is, at least from personal observation of our own houses and those of people we know, cleaning is not high on the list of priorities. In fact, it ranks so low as to be basically ignored until the level of disarray reaches critical status and you find yourself trapped in the bedroom behind a stack of dirty clothes.

Being a slob doesn’t make you a bad person, and even if you’re not a slob, who among us doesn’t like to let the house go for a week or so? Here’s some grim news. If you intend to sell your house with a traditional real estate agent, he’s going to be in your back pocket telling you that it needs to be kept in pristine condition at all times because you never...