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For Sale By Owner – The Worst Idea You’ve Ever Had?
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The temptation to go the ‘for sale by owner’ route to sell your house without the help of a real estate agent is not without merit. They do take a hefty little slice of the pie (likely from 3% to 6%) in return for varying levels of effort and competence. Of course, the old fashioned real estate industry will do their dead level best to scare you into employing their services, though we’re not here to say that every agent is something akin to the Lapdog of Satan. There are many fine people out there trying to do the best for their client, and make a little money for themselves in the process.
The problem is they’re working with broken, outdated information and equipment. How many people kept using a horse and buggy setup for transportation after Henry Ford unleashed the assembly line concept on the automobile industry? Not too many. Who still uses smoke signals...