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The Benefits of Picking Seasonal Handbags

Do You Have Boxes of Bags?Most of us have that box, bag, or spot in the closet where we have are past hand bag collection. It is full of bags that we may have only brought to match a purse we were wearing to a wedding or a dance. It may have bags with poodles or other cutesy images attached that we find ourselves now too series to wear out in public. Some of the bags we can not bear to part with because they were designer bags that we paid lots of money for but for some reason found impractical to carry.

Seasonal Handbag Shopping 101One of the first rules for hang bag shopping is to know the purpose of the bag. If the bag is going to be seasonal then choose colors that make sense. Winter is a time for darker colors deep reds and black. . Fall offers an opportunity for natural tones in red, yellows, and browns. Traditional leather...