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Sell Your Property – By Next Week!

Don’t sign a listing agreement with an agent until you read this!

The two-week only sales process pioneered by Open Door Auctions is a seller’s dream come true, and is worlds away from signing an old-fashioned listing agreement with a traditional real estate agent. In the old days, sellers waited around for months (or years) on end, while the ‘For Sale’ sign slowly turned into a piece of rust in their front yard; meanwhile, the price was reduced perhaps three, four, or even ten times, before finally landing (or not) a buyer. For too many years, home sellers have been held at theoretical gunpoint by a real estate industry that seems to consider innovation a threat and customer service an optional business practice. For too long, the real estate industry has held all the cards and was the only game in town – unless you decided to go the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) route, which opened an entirely new Pandora’s Box of problems.

And then, fulfilling enormous market demand, Open Door Auctions arrived on the scene, a light-years leap forward in innovative thinking conceived by founder and hyper-successful agent/investor, Jason Hartman. Jason’s model is powered by a sales approach that offers a quick and easy process by which your house is listed at the price that YOU want, and is promoted through a multi-pronged media promotion blitz that quickly finds and collects bids from serious buyers, with all the results offered to you on a silver platter over a turbo-charged fourteen day period. Truthfully, we might not use an actual silver platter, but it’s going to feel like it if you’ve ever had the misfortune of experiencing traditional real estate sales methods!

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Believe it or not, that’s the whole spiel. Two short weeks. Give us that much time and we’ll give you the freedom to get on with your life. The dirty truth is that the traditional real estate industry is so dysfunctional we don’t even know where to begin talking about it. It’s not only bad for sellers who are forced to sign a long term agreement with no guarantee their agent will put forth the effort to generate even one serious offer, but it’s also bad for agents who are afraid to put too much effort into working hard for a listing they know will never sell. How has such a ridiculous arrangement managed to persist for so many decades? The simple explanation is that because, until now, there was no legitimate alternative sales process to which sellers could turn. Well now, there’s a new sheriff in town and he goes by the name Open Door Auctions!

Shall we let you in on a little real estate secret? Your traditional agent actually doesn’t want your house to sell too quickly. Sure, he craves the commission and will be glad to cash that check, but he’d prefer it hang around on the market for a while generating phone calls and tours so he’ll have a chance to network his services to those people also. Doesn’t it sound like real estate agents routinely use a client’s home to further their own business objectives? That’s exactly what they’re doing!

Need more reasons to sell with Open Door Auctions? Here you go.

1. Set the price you want. No arguments from us (only solid advice).

2. No long term, one-sided contracts to sign – just a short two week process.

3. Drastically shorter time frame for selling your property compared to alternatives.

4. Absolutely NO privacy-invading home tours, lock boxes, or weekly open houses.

5. Uncover the true market price of your property – fast.

6. Absolutely NO more dealing with lazy, unqualified agents.

7. Benefit from an innovative sales process designed by a real estate industry veteran.

8. Old-fashioned offer/counter-offer process is a thing of the past.

9. Enjoy a completely open and transparent sales process that revolves around YOU.

10. Receive the highest possible net cash possible for your property!

Open Door Auctions – Introduction To Selling Property – Download Our FREE PDF Brochure

Open Door Auctions offers too many competitive advantages over the traditional real estate approach to list here, and keep in mind that all we’re asking for is two weeks of your time. We’ll conduct an auction, find serious buyers for your house, and give you the final say on whether you accept it or not. If you don’t like the process, you’re free to go back to your “trusty” anachronistic real estate agent, sign that long-term agreement, and hope he or she decides to do something constructive.

But if you’re the kind of forward-thinking individual who realizes that millions of people can, in fact, be quite wrong about the perceived “best way” to sell a home, please sign up today (see below) with We are extremely confident that you’re going to LOVE what you learn about our win/win business model.

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Bare bellies make a comeback at NY Fashion Week

This might seem no small indignity for the average woman, who’s suffered through an unflattering 80s renaissance of harem pants, shoulder pads and leggings in cheap michael kors recent seasons. Also making a comeback for spring: acid wash jeans, shown at Charlotte Ronson and LAMB.

Rest assured, there are plenty of belly covering styles cheap Michael Kors handbags on the runways, too. But the best accessory for spring might be an ab roller.

Nicole Miller seemed to take inspiration from the ocean for her spring collection, but it wasn’t about the tranquil side of the water. There were mashups and slashes and some noteworthy asymmetrical dresses that had blocks of prints she called “riptide” and “ocean current” opposite chunks of black.

Body conscious scuba stretch styles included a bra top dress and biker shorts. Miller offered several styles of shorts: The biker style with ruching down the sides were likely the most wearable, but pants with a one sided drape, right at the hip, are unlikely to appeal to Michael Kors from China any woman who doesn’t want to draw attention there.

The hips seem to be emerging as a point of interest at this round of fashion shows. Maybe they’re the replacement for the strong shoulders so popular in fall collections?

What first lady Michelle Obama would wear was on the minds of the crowd, but Jason Wu seemed to have a different woman in mind: someone who could get away with feathers and very short skirts.

Not that there weren’t outfits for Mrs. Obama, who famously wore Wu’s designs to the inaugural ball and on several other occasions. There were tweed pants and skirt suits that were ladylike but not dated or stiff.

But the outfits that really caught the eye on the mirrored runway (which seemed to cause problems for models and photographers) were the bright red faille dress with sculpted fabric in flower shapes at the neckline, and modern tweed “staple stitch” sheath dresses with flashes of yellow and hot pink.

The finale pieces where short, fitted dresses in blush and dove gray that were dotted with delicate, luxurious feathers. Since Mrs. Obama often embraces looks that are fashion cheap Michael Kors handbags forward, it cheap michael kors outlet wouldn’t be that surprising if she turned up in longer versions of those pieces.

It looks like “stay tough” is Charlotte Ronson’s motto for next season. Her spring collection maintained what is becoming her signature look of rock n’ roll party girl.

With acid wash skinny jeans and bra tops as the base, she built outfits with rolled shoulder vests, burnout cardigans and boyfriend blazers.

Rolled shoulders some on belly baring cropped tops might be the next step for the strong shoulder that first emerged for fall. A lace up boyfriend shirt with sequined shoulder pads, however, might get passed over by most shoppers.

But if the overcapacity crowd and the seating chaos at the show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week’s Bryant Park tents are any indication, Ronson has plenty of her own fans. (Or do they come to see her sister Samantha in the DJ booth?)

Rag Bone built their spring collection around structured jackets of nearly every stripe.

There were frock coats and tailcoats, field cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet coats and brigadier blazers, “Hendrix jackets” and cravat coats all elegantly tailored for men and women.

Designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville paired the jackets, whether formal or military inspired, with laid back underpinnings including summer long johns and short shorts, skinny jeans and in one case no pants at all, just a shirtdress that was more shirt than dress, enough for a flash of the model’s behind.

Standouts were a nude silk orley jumpsuit paired with a Michael Kors handbags outlet citrine tank and a beautifully detailed navy dress paired with a light blue field jacket. And, of course, the very wearable jackets: pick your style.

Yigal Azrouel certainly found the sexy in the slash. His spring women’s collection was at its best when it flashed just a bit of skin in an unexpected place or gave the illusion of doing cheap michael kors so.

He described the slits in jersey dresses as carved “with scalpel precision,” all part of his fascination this season with geometry. There was a similar effect when he layered bands of black or taupe voile over a nude colored base.

Two so michael kors outlet simple gowns oozed youthful sophistication thanks to the flattering soft drape and nothing else.

Beware, though, of more bare midriffs. They’re OK in cutout maillots but you can’t imagine a crop top under a gray jersey vest and linen wrapped shorts to be a go to outfit for many women, not even Azrouel’s hip chick fans.

Cynthia Steffe offered softened styles for a muse who has become smitten with her sweetheart.

Steffe’s muse was last seen for fall in hard edge rock n’ roll style: leather and structured jackets. Next season, though, she favors muted floral prints, feminine tiers of ruffles and refined, sophisticated suede.

Still, she doesn’t fully commit to a girlie look: She keeps her menswear shirting and a denim trench coat a must have item. “That blend of sweet and sexy, soft and hard, embodies my design philosophy for Cynthia Steffe,” said designer Shaun Kearney.

Although it’s still early in Mercedes michael kors outlet Benz Fashion Week, with shows running through next Thursday, the unconventional floral print seen here seems to be emerging as a trend, as do metallic fabrics that have a sheen but are not shiny, further evolving the popular tarnished look of the current season.

Fashion certainly can make for strange bedfellows, like Monique Lhuillier and the Masai warriors.

As she debuted her new spring styles on Thursday, the petite Los Angeles based designer, who specializes in eveningwear and bridal, said she has long been drawn to the Kenyan fighters and their ornate costumes and masks. The inspiration led to a largely safari themed collection in sunburned shades of yellow, rust and brown.

One of her favorite pieces is a black strapless A line dress scattered with embellishment that looks like matchsticks.

Long, heavy strands of silk jersey fringe created an aura of seduction, especially on a black one shoulder gown with a peekaboo sleeve and corded tie waist. Another sexy dress was a black fringe cocktail dress, topped by a burnished gold embroidered bolero that showed little skin but the sheerness of the fabric made you feel like you did.Articles Connexes:

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