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to you first, as now you can instantly bounce back a message to them. Hotel Letters Realize that in most all hotels there seems to be at least pieces of stationary and envelopes in the desk drawer. Consider a hand written note to three "Vital Fews" about something that is top of mind to you and of value to them. "Advocate" Maintenance Ensure that you never let an advocate get more than 30 days out from hearing from or seeing you. Plan regular communications and/or "thank you" events to draw from them ways to continue to enhance the service you provide to them. Newsletter Design a high impact, value rich content based print newsletter for your core customers (the Vital Few) and send routinely to them as a way to enrich their value proposition in their market. Then, soft
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with invoices and contracts, attached to proposals and general

Chronic Liver Disease Foundation and Walgreens to Launch Hepatitis C Testing Campaign The program, which is slated to launch this August and run through January 2016, will offer free rapid HCV testing on specific days and times each week to patients at risk for HCV."The rapid hepatitis testing program demonstrates our commitment to helping patients access important information that can help to improve their health," said Glen Pietrandoni, RPh, AAHIVP, senior director, virology, Walgreens. "We are proud to collaborate with the Chronic Liver Disease Foundation on this initiative. Through this testing program we can help people become educated on the risk factors, identify people infected with HCV and help them get linked to appropriate care.""Today, approximately 5.2 million Americans have hepatitis C and the vast majority does not know it," said
NFL jerseys Dr. Willis C. Maddrey, President of the Chronic Liver Disease Foundation. "However, new therapies are now available that can effectively

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Articles Connexes: