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How To Sell Your House In Any Market (Part I)

Otherwise calm, rational people seem to lose their minds when it comes to selling a house. To be more specific, when it comes to selling their own house. It's not a bad idea to undertake the task on your own. The truth is you don't have to pay a lazy agent's high commission just to find a buyer for your property, but that's a topic for another day. Today we're going to examine the tricks of the trade involved in getting your house ready to move no matter what how weak the broader economy might be. Prevent self-sabotage: The main problem many people find with selling their house is the little voice in the back of their head telling them to, “Stop! Don't sell.” If this is the case with you, there's no point in trying to unload the thing until you have convinced your entire body that it's what you really want. Unless you can disassociate your feelings and emotion from the structure, you'll...

2 Weeks ‘Til Freedom From Your House

2 Weeks ‘Til Freedom From Your House

The burden of putting your house up for sale is enough to make a hardened cage fighter weep. The problem is not so much that the process is overly intricate or complicated, but rather that the actual sale date is an open-ended question. The first thing you"ll likely be faced with, should you choose to employ the services of an old fashioned real estate agent, is that they"re going to want you to sign a long term listing agreement (normally six months or one year). The obvious conclusion is that you shouldn"t expect anything to happen quickly. And don"t make the mistake of thinking your agent will be busting his hump every second of the day to get your house front and center on every eligible buyer"s plate. The real estate industry moves at a certain pace, which might most accurately be described as lethargic, and sellers or buyers who get in a hurry to push the pace are liable to be labeled...

The Old Fashioned Real Estate Industry – Dysfunctional Doesn’t Even Begin to Describe It

If you plan to sell your house at some point in the near future, chances are the real estate industry will do its dead level best to make sure you get a bad deal. It doesn't matter which ?professional? agent's services you retain, and he might not even be a ?bad? agent, but simply tainted so thoroughly due to long term exposure to the system, he doesn't realize how broken it is. The real estate institutional bias has always been firmly tilted away from the best interests of the seller, sometimes criminally so. Cisco 810-420 We don't make these charges lightly. In fact, Open Door Auctions Founder, Jason Hartman, as a former real estate agent and broker himself, spent years in the very same trenches he now wants to help sellers avoid with this revolutionary approach to selling your house. For a change, this method focuses on the needs of the individual seller or buyer rather than the avarice...

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