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About Open Door Auctions

You are probably aware by now that Open Door Auctions is a non-traditional business concept aimed at the residential real estate market. Our fast-paced and innovative strategies bring the most options to you in the least amount of time, whether you are a buyer, seller, or even a real estate agent. There are a multitude of reasons why you should give us a try, but here are just a few of the best:

1. Extremely short listing agreements – Usually just two weeks! The traditional real estate industry is dysfunctional.  Both the clients and the agents are getting a horrible deal.  Why should you sign an exclusive listing agreement for six to twelve months (or longer!) while trying to find a good buyer and a good price?  The client is uncertain whether any offers will come that meet their target price and they have no assurance that the agent will do what they have promised.  Agents, on the other hand, are worried about spending a lot of time on a listing that may never sell; so many agents don’t invest very much time, energy or money into the process.  At Open Door Auctions, even our agents prefer this arrangement, because it allows them to avoid spending so much time on long, stale listings. It’s a true win/win!

2. Faster market valuation and legitimate offers – Instead of listing your property with an old-fashioned agent who immediately tosses it into the Multiple Listing Service right next to every other property out there for six to twelve months, WE will facilitate a sealed-bid auction so that you know the highest offer for your home within two weeks. Our system solicits multiple bids to produce a faster discovery of market value for your property while avoiding hassles and allowing our agents to facilitate more sales. If the submitted bids are not sufficient enough to meet your target price, you will have the option to refuse all the offers and will also have the benefit of knowing the true market value for your property – this may well be the world’s best appraisal system yet!

3. Avoid disappointment from the MLS approach – As our founder, Jason Hartman, has said for decades, the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is the “stock exchange for real estate” but it is rather inefficient in producing true “price discovery” quickly. It creates price discovery slowly through a series of one disappointment after another – NOT fun.  The innovative Open Door Auctions system has overcome the flaws inherent in the MLS and the industry as a whole.

4. Leverage Internet technology and media coverage – The Open Door approach not only saves you headache, hassle, and tons of uncertainty, but it also leverages online marketing, social media, and other “media bursts” to bring fast, quality attention to our property auctions. By creating “buzz” around each quality property we decide to list, a strong pool of interest is generated, and FAST. Within two short weeks, home owners will have multiple offers to consider.  This gives you the power to accept the best offer or wait until later, but the best part is that you discover this information quickly.

5. Remain in control of the sales process – Just give us a try! If it doesn’t work, go ahead and list your property with a traditional realtor after our short two-week sales window.  You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain with our method.  Our agents WANT to help you find the best price for your property quickly.  If the best offer you receive does not meet your target price, you and our agents both move on to the next stage of life while avoiding six to twelve months of wasted time and uncertainty.

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Schedule a Consultation with Our Team!

Schedule a meeting with one of our experienced professionals TODAY and take the first step toward the next stage of your life.  Avoid the hassles, indignity, and uncertainty of the outdated real estate listing process and join the new generation of Open Door Auctions innovation.

When you set up a consultation with an Open Door Auctions professional, we will assess the target price of your property and establish a listing range for your needs, along with the best pricing strategy to create optimal results.  When the two-week period begins, we will list your home at the full asking price you desire.  As the days go by, the price of your property will be progressively lowered in the MLS database to attract bids from potential buyers.  At the end of the period, we will collect all of the offers and present them to you so that you can make an informed and intelligent decision from a position of strategic power.  As the seller, you have the right to accept or reject any bid that is placed for your property PERIOD.  If none of the bids meet your target price, you are protected by this right to simply reject them all with no obligation to sell.

In order to serve our clients with the best solutions to fit their needs, we provide three innovative varieties of auction services.  Each serves a unique purpose and will help to provide the optimal solution for your unique situation and individual needs.

1. Open Door Auction™ (Largest Number of Offers) – The so-called Open Door Auction is where your property is listed for a short, 2-week period of time with an invitation for buyers to submit an offer.  As the listing period goes on, the price listed in the MLS index will systematically drop to attract offers from new bidders.  The way that most of our auctions unfold is with bids being collected over a two-week period of time, with the seller making the final decision whether or not to sell based on all of the offers that are received.  If none of the offers are acceptable to the seller, they have the right to continue holding the property.  The principal advantage of an Open Door Auction is that it efficiently achieves “price discovery” for the market value of a property by drawing out multiple offers in a short period of time.  (We offer an add-on to this method called the “Round Robin Auction” – ask us for details on this optional service.)

2. Closed Door Auction™ (Stress Qualified Offers) – Suited well for high-end properties, a Closed Door Auction is conducted with a population of prospective buyers who have been pre-screened based on a determined list of qualifications.  This is most suitable for properties that will only appeal to a selected population of buyers.  The advantage of a Closed Door Auction is that it targets the very buyers who are most likely to bid on your property, and avoids opening your property up to a large mass of “window shoppers” who are not likely to submit an offer.  (This is also referred to as a Qualified Auction™ in most cases.)

3. Real-Time Auction – A Real-Time Auction is a situation where potential buyers all gather in one place (or online at at the same time to bid in real-time on the property.  When conducting a Real-Time Auction, it is typical to have an auctioneer on-site who will accept bids from potential buyers.  The principal advantage of a Real-Time Auction is that the bids are assembled very quickly and the auctioneer can create additional excitement to get sellers the best possible price.

During any of these short process options, the interests of all parties are completely protected.

In the end, The Open Door business model provides the best information about the value of your property, the most offers from interested buyers, and accomplishes all of this in just two short weeks.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Schedule a consultation with us today to learn how we can help you to take the next step of your life in the easiest, most profitable way possible.

History of Open Door Auctions, Incorporated

Created by successful real estate innovator Jason Hartman in beautiful Orange County, California, Open Door Auctions Inc. operates using a business model that is fundamentally different from every other traditional real estate agency in the marketplace. Our unique methodology puts you in the power seat by facilitating a multiple-offer frenzy for your property by soliciting numerous offers in just two weeks. This helps us to discover the highest and best market value of your property in a very short period of time. Unlike others, we do not require you to sign a long-term, one-sided, exclusive listing agreement; our system is open and extremely fast.

Legal Information, Etc

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