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Place Your Bids for This Weekend’s Quail Hill / Turtle Ridge Property Auctions

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It’s going to be a busy weekend at Open Door Auctions as we conduct a pair of one day auctions, one in Quail Hill and the other in Turtle Ridge. Both properties are the essence of quality and good taste, loaded with the kind of amenities and perks that stand out above the crowd. If you’re not familiar with how the one day auction process works, here’s the short version.

  • Visit our website at and browse to the listing you’re interested in.
  • Read the details and begin forming an idea of what you want to bid
  • Visit each property at the specified weekend time for a tour
  • Place your bid and see if you won!

The website has lots of photos and details regarding the property. Unlike the old-fashioned real estate industry, we have a specific...

Choose Your Real Estate Agent Wisely
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Let’s ask a rhetorical question. When it comes to buying a property, would you rather place your faith in the slug or a highly-trained property professional? Hopefully you didn’t ponder this choice long. Open Door Auctions was created by successful entrepreneur, author, public speaker, and two decades plus veteran of the real estate trenches, Jason Hartman. Simply put, Jason does not tolerate slugs in his company because he refuses to risk the buying experience of a single customer to an unimpressive employee.

Becoming a real estate agent isn’t too terribly difficult. A couple weeks of online study, a few days in the classroom, and pass a test. After that, it’s smooth sailing except for continuing education requirements, which are mostly an excuse to party in Las Vegas. While there are very competent agents working in the traditional real estate industry,...

Finding the Market Price Takes Your Old-Fashioned Agent Too Long
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The most stark difference between Open Door Auctions and your old-fashioned real estate agent is the process by which we arrive at a property’s value. Chances are the numbers themselves will be quite similar. The problem lies in the dysfunctional-by-design traditional real estate industry. Even a decent agent, and there are a few, cannot rid himself of that albatross around the neck.
We figured out a perfect way to find a listing price that never fails – ask the seller and do what he says. As a buyer, you’re thinking, “Recipe for failure due to delusional home owners.” That might be the case, but it only lasts a few days. No matter what the seller wants to list as a starting price, we’re going to reduce it periodically until the auction date two weeks hence.

If you find an Open Door Auctions property that you think is incredibly over-priced,...

A Property Auction for Every Type of Buyer
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Depending on your specific needs, we offer three types of innovative auction approaches for the discerning buyer. At Open Door Auctions, as the name implies, we use the auction format to sell properties at the best market price, and it all happens in only two weeks. Even so, we realize that the auction process isn’t a one-size-fits-all prospect. These quick descriptions should help you decide which is best for your situation.

Open Door Auction
This auction format is so popular we named our business after it. An Open Door Auction generally attracts the highest number of bidders, though a lightly attended sale could help you score an incredible deal. The two week sales process starts when we list a house in the MLS and kick our other promotional methods into high gear. Every day or so, the MLS price listing...

Real Estate’s Answer to Groupon
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If you’re not familiar with Groupon yet, you will be. This newest of internet sensations is a company which distributes a single great coupon per day (via email) targeted to your home city. Why customers like it is obvious – they get a great deal, sometimes as much as 50 percent off a legitimate business product or service. From the business offering the coupon’s perspective, they know they’re probably going to get a truckload of fresh traffic and a chance to increase their market share. The bottom line is that Groupon reaches a whole bunch of people in a short period of time.

It was just the other day, as the blog team was doing our morning calisthenics, that founder, Jason Hartman, almost sprained a thumb muscle with excitement when he realized that Open Door Auctions IS the Groupon for the real estate. No, seriously. Think about it like this. Groupon...