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These Days, the Home Office is a Big Deal
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Home sellers have always been coached to show off two rooms in their house to the very best advantage: the kitchen and bathroom. Conventional wisdom says that these areas can make or break a house deal. While we wouldn’t be so rash as to suggest otherwise, there is a third room creeping onto the horizon as a pretty darn important location too. You’ve probably already guessed it – the home office. Whether for full time work or part time income, more and more families find a sizable chunk of their work lives centered around a home office.

These days a home office routinely features all the amenities one would expect to find in a traditional office space. While it doesn’t have to be a large room, it does need one thing to the extreme. Organization! It’s not so much that you have to actually do work in there but you should include the basic furniture: desk,...

Staging the Kitchen for Sale is Easy and Necessary
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If you ever heard that, of all the rooms, properly staging the kitchen is critical, you heard correctly. It might sound a bit old fashioned to say it, but the woman normally still has final say on which house gets bought and, without a great looking kitchen, she’s going to keep right on going down the block to the next one. The good news is that staging the kitchen doesn’t require an advanced degree in interior design. There are a few very simple ideas that go a long ways toward making your kitchen the star celebrity it should be. Unlike most other rooms in the house, furniture and appliances are built in, so there’s no re-arranging or trying to figure out the best point of view.

To those used to storing every kitchen utensil and gadget they own on the counter top, this one is going to hurt. Before a single potential buyer walks through...

Is That Real Estate Agent Buying Your Listing?
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Here’s the scenario.

You’re ready to sell your house and, like a squared away home owner, you’ve done the research and have a pretty good idea what it is worth. Still, you’d like to get a few professional opinions to see if they match up, so you set meetings with three agents. the first two show up with a bundle of papers called (in the biz) a competitive market analysis (CMA). The figures from both agents are very similar, though lower than what you estimate the value of your home. Disgruntled, you sit back to await the arrival of the third agent. Wonder of wonders, his opinion of what your house should be listed for exceeds even your own rosy predictions.

Sold to the highest bidder. Real estate agent number three just got your business in the form of a listing contract and a fat commission when your house eventually does sell, no matter what the...

Sell Your House Now – Invest for Later
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Revolutionary Real Estate Tactics for the Serious House Seller
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OpenDoorAuctions.comJust because something once was the best way to do something doesn”t...